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Centrist Union of Moldova


Our objectives

We want Moldova to have not only a past and a present, but also a future.

In future we see Moldova a free and democratic country, with a market economy and with an efficient social policy.

We want our country not to struggle for survival, but live normally.

We intend to offer the society a politics that we would like to call the politics of crafting.

We are deeply convinced and we want to bring our point of view to the attention of all citizens that things in Moldova will change only when we will all understand that no one will just come one day to make our lives better and Moldova prosperous. It is only us, with all our will mobilized, with confidence in our own strength, and tackling our own destiny independently and responsibly, who is able to revive Moldova.

Our principles

We believe that the internal and external politics of the state should be founded on one major principle: to do only that which is to the benefit of its citizens. The well being and wealth of citizens is the major objective of the state. We need to understand once and for all that the people are the main wealth of our country. Only through their work and intelligence Moldova can recover. We need to learn the truth that "it is not the citizens who exist for the state, it is the state who exists for the citizens".

We are confident that the sovereign and independent Moldovan State is a solid unit that will live for ever. The development of the Moldovan State and its territorial unity is the most important task of all real citizens, the proponents of the Moldovan State and its patriots.

We are confident that Moldova needs a state power capable of defending its citizens, channel the energy of the nation towards solving the problems facing our country, create the pre-conditions for the economic and cultural development of the state, fight corruption and delinquency. At present this will only become possible after the transition to a presidential form of government.

We believe that fighting corruption, the care for the elderly, and the support of education and culture are the most important tasks for the state and the society.

We are confident that it is necessary not only to give support to "efficient owners", but also to fight corrupt officials and criminals. As important it is to protect the workers against shameless employers, who do not live up to the assumed obligations with regard to paying wages and ensuring normal working conditions.

We plead for the creation of such pre-conditions for entrepreneur activity that dynamic people, with initiative and independent, could work peacefully and in security and find it more profitable to do honest business than steal, cheat the state and the citizens.

We plead for the choice of such a path of development for our country whereby the guarantees for private property, the free initiative and competition coexists naturally with the spiritual and ethical needs of the society.

Our priorities

Order at the level of state power is order in the country

Moldova needs a sound, viable, responsible and professional state power. We need to create such a system of state government that would allow for the institution of order in the country, the respect of human rights and freedoms, the recovery of the main leverages of leading the country and of people's trust in this system.

We all need to understand that in circumstances when the state power is not personalized, when the country is led by a body of "collective responsibility", which in Moldova is rather "collective irresponsibility", the real power belongs not to the state but to "groups of influence" and criminal gangs and is shared, just like the land, in lots that are separated from one another by concrete walls. This is how the leadership of the country is organized - in lots and with no responsibility. To put it more exactly, parties solve their own problems using the floor of the Parliament. The consequences of such a state of affairs are endless confrontation and perturbations, as well as economic instability.

There is only one way out of this situation - the improvement of the system of state government and the introduction of a presidential republic. The President elected by the entire people will be endowed with appropriate powers and will be personally accountable for the state of the country.

We need to understand that a sound democratic state is the only guarantee for citizens' constitutional rights and freedoms.

The rule-of-law state and a responsible state government are the guarantees for stability in the country. Political stability is an indispensable pre-condition for economic stability and predictability. It is only in such conditions that the citizens will trust the authorities, the investors will trust the economy and the people will trust banks.

The election of the President by direct vote, the substitution of the current party list electoral system for the election of Parliament with one which would result in a functional and efficient Parliament, the extension of powers of the executive body, the recruitment of public officers based on professionalism and responsibility are the main components of the success of reforms in our country.

We profess the political compromise as an absolutely necessary tool to balance the interests of various social categories, based on the interests of the individual and of the entire state.

It is high time for concrete action

We believe that Moldova needs to conclude the process of asserting itself as a market economy and a democratic state. There is no way back to the past. We need to give up the political rhetoric, stop dividing the society into reformers and anti-reformers, into "us" and "them". The time has come for concrete action. We see our mission as one to create in the country an atmosphere whereby politics and politicians would be judged not by their words but rather their actions. For us, the creation of new jobs, the attraction of investments in the economy, the solution of the problems related to exports, road building, gas supply to villages, and due payments of pensions and wages are more important than any party resolution or party program.

Basic principles of economic strategy

The basic objective of our economic policy is to start the investment process. To achieve this objective, the following needs to be done:

  • To make order in the country and foster the customs controls, stop the access of smuggled goods into the country, and ensure the protection of functional enterprises from the racketeer activities by public officers and delinquents;
  • To relieve the fiscal burden, without any losses for the budget, to encourage the legalization of the shadow economy;
  • To create guarantees for a stable and predictable legislative basis to encourage foreign and domestic investments;
  • To ensure the support for the local producers, help them to export goods and protect them against non-loyal competitors on the domestic market;
  • To accomplish the bank reform which will stimulate the injection of capital into the real sector of the economy;
  • To ensure transparency and the possibility to execute the budget;
  • To constitute an efficient land ownership and to create the infrastructure of the land market.

Civil Society. The Interaction between State Power and Civil Society

Democracy is the power of the people. To translate this principle into life we need to create the mechanisms of interaction between the power and the society. The power should be accountable, amendable and responsible. In their turn, citizens should understand that during the electoral campaign they are participating in the establishment of the state power and that their careless attitude towards the voting act results into demagogues who care little both for the country and for the citizens getting to power. In order to increase the citizens' responsibility for their options and their commitment for crafting a democratic state in Moldova, we suggest that Moldova adopt the compulsory vote procedure. This will help them, each of us, to understand their own responsibility for the state of affairs in the country, and for the election of the right people whom we delegate the right to lead us.

Our party will act to consolidate the political parties and the political pluralism as indispensable pre-conditions for the crafting of a really democratic society.

We will support any action or decision of the Parliament, President and Government, as well as those of political parties if they are reasonable and satisfy the interests of the citizens and the country.

We are against political egotism and envy.

We are only for a constructive opposition. The opposition should criticize those in power and at the same time come up with alternative solutions to current problems. It is inadmissible to oppose the interests of the people and of the state.

Investments in the human factor

The development of the working, intellectual, moral and creative potential of the nation is one of the most important objectives of our party. The protection of the family and child, a performing education system, the care for the health of the people, a well-thought technical-scientific policy, the preservation and development of our national culture are the priority directions of our activity.

The Resolution of the Transdnistrian Conflict

One of the most important directions of our activity is to support the conflict resolution efforts in Transdnistria, re-establish and preserve the territorial unity of Moldova. We believe that to solve these problems we need political will, perseverance, consistency and willingness to compromise.

Foreign policy

Given the geographical position and the nature of geopolitical interests and factors, the need for European and international integration, and the need to maintain and foster friendly and mutually advantageous economic relations with the West and the East, taking into consideration the objective process of globalization of democratic processes and of the economic and financial systems, we believe that the most important task for our foreign policy is the application of the constitutional principle of neutrality, and we need to act in order for this principle to be recognized and applied with the help of the international community.

We see the future of Moldova within a united Europe and we will act towards achieving the European standards in work and life.

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