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Republican Popular Party

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The National Conference is composed of representatives of primary organizations of the PCDPM. The number of representatives is established based on the norms of representation adopted by the Executive Council.

The Conference is convened once in three years upon the initiative of the Chair of PCDPM, 1/3 of its members, or of the Censors Committee.

The National Conference is legally convened if at least 2/3 of delegates attend. The Conference adopts decisions with simple majority vote of those present, except for amendments to the Statute.

The National Conference has the following prerogatives:

  1. Adopts the PCDPM Statute and amendments thereto;
  2. Adopts the strategy and program of activity of the party;
  3. Elects the members of the Excecutive Council and the Chair and members of the Censors Committee;
  4. Discusses and adopts reports by the Executive Council and the Censors Committee on the budget and decides upon the value of membership fees (0.5 percent of the minimum wage);
  5. Adopts afifilaition to international institutions and ratifies the conventions concluded nationally and internationally by the Executive Committee;
  6. Adopts the organizational structure of the PCDPM;
  7. Adopts the decision to cease activity.

The Executive Council is responsible, inbetween national conferences, of the leadership activity of the party. The Council is composed of 19 members elected by the Conference by secret vote for a three-year period. The Chair of the Council is elected by the National Conference. Representaitves of field branches may be elected to the Council.

The Executive Council elects five deputy chairs who are also members of the Executive Committee of the PCDPM. The Executive Council meets once in six months or whenever necessary upon the request of the Chair, and adopts decisions by simple majority vote provided 2/3 of its members are present.

The Executive Council has the following duties:

  1. Applying PCDPM strategy, its Statute provisions and the decisions of the National Conference;
  2. Nominating from among its members the Executive Committee;
  3. Adopting the program of activities of the Executive Committee;
  4. Establishing and organizing new territorial structures, meetings with the leaders of other parties and social-political movements;
  5. Adopting awards and applying penalties on PCDPM members;
  6. Presenting to the National Conference annual reports on the budget, balance, investment opportunities, etc.

The Executive Committee is elected by the Executive Council from among its members by open vote. The Committee is composed of seven members. The Committee leads and oversees the execution of actions taken towards the implementation of the strategy, statute, and the decisions of the National Conference and the Executive Council.

The Executive Committee meets once in six months and whenever encessary and adopts decisions through simple majority vote. The Chair of the Censors Committee attends the meetings of the Committee and has a consultative vote.

The Censors Committee is composed of three members elected by the National Conference for a three-year period. The Committee presents periodically to the Executive Council and the National Conference activity reports including statements and proposals to eliminate mistakes and imporve activity. The Steering Committee meets once in three months, at the end of the financial year or whenever necessary.

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