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Republican Popular Party

Nicolae Andronic
Date of registration: 20 May 1999
Registration No: 25

Chairman: Nicolae Andronic

Address: Chisinau, str. Sciusev no. 51
Tel./Fax: (373-22) 23-70-14, 23-70-14

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Brief history

The Republican Popular Party (RPP) was founded on April 16, 1999. Initially, the party name was Peasants' Christian Democratic Party of Moldova (PCDPM). The constitution conference adopted the party programme and status, elected Vladimir Reus as chairman of PCDPM, and created the Executive Council, the Executive Committee and the Censors Committee.

Party's major goal was to contribute to the resolution of economic problems and to propose "new strategies in the political activity".

The party participated in the early parliamentary elections of 2001 but failed to pass the 6% threshold.

The 5th National Conference of PCDPM took place on June 26, 2004. It brought together about 190 delegates who represented territorial organisations of PCDPM from the entire territory of Moldova. PCDPM members who attended the forum elected Mr. Nicolae Andronic as new chairman of this party and elected the new composition of the PCDPM Managing Board.

Taking notice of the difficult situation of independent press, the conference adopted a resolution in which it condemned the treatment of central authorities for mass media and warned over damages of freedom of expression in Moldova.

The PCDPM Managing Board held a sitting on March 24, 2005. It decided to convoke the 6th National Conference of PCDPM on May 28, 2005. At the same time, the Managing Board decided to give green light to the procedure of new registration of PCDPM members, which should be completed before opening of the National Conference of the party. The May 28 6th conference decided to change the name of the party - Republican Popular Party, adopted a new status and programme of PRP, and approved the tactic of the party for next four years as opposition political party.

The PRP Appeal on creation of the Republican Committee Against Usurpation of Power was launched on November 2, 2005, with the Republican Popular Party "reaffirming its readiness to cooperate with politicians who are ready to oppose openly the regime of President Vladimir Voronin, which has usurped the power in the state for five years."

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