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Socialist Party of Moldova

Participation in elections

Parliamentary elections February 27, 1994

In view of parliamentary elections of February 27, 1994 the Socialist Party of Moldova formed an electoral bloc together with "Unitate-Edinstvo" Movement, entitled "Socialist Party and Unitate-Edinstvo Movement" Electoral Bloc. The bloc gathered 390,584 votes (22%) and received 28 seats in Parliament.

General local elections April 16, 1995

In the general local elections of April 16, 1995 "Socialist Party and Unitate-Edinstvo Movement" Electoral Bloc won:

  • 82 mandates (6.5%) in the municipal and rayon councils;
  • 286 mandates (2.7%) in the city and village councils;
  • 13 mayor mandates (1.63%) in cities and villages.

Parliamentary elections March 22, 1998

The Socialist Party of Moldova took part in the parliamentary elections of March 22, 1998 within the "Socialist Union" Electoral Bloc, which also included "Unitate-Edinstvo" Movement, Moldovan Communists' Union and "VATAN" Peoples' Party. The Bloc gathered 29,647 votes (1.83%).

General local elections May 23, 1999

In the general local elections of May 23, 1999 the Socialist Party of Moldova received:

  • 2 mandates (0.64%) in the county councils and Chisinau Municipality Council;
  • 40 mandates (0.66%) in the municipal, city and village councils;
  • 5 mayor mandates (0.79%) in municipalities, cities and communes.

Parliamentary elections February 25, 2001

The Socialist Party of Moldova took part in the early parliamentary elections of February 25, 2001 together with "Forta Noua" (New Force) Socio-political Movement; Professionals' Movement "Speranta-Nadejda" (Hope), Labor Union, Centrist Union of Moldova, and "Furnica" (Ant) Party of Social Democracy. All of them formed the "Braghis Alliance" Electoral Bloc, which was cast 212,071 valid votes (13.36%).

General local elections May 25-June 8, 2003

SPM won:

  • 21 mandates in city and village councils (0.19%);
  • 3 mayor mandates (0.33%).

Socialist Party of Moldova:

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