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Socialist Party of Moldova

Governing bodies

The Congress is the supreme governing body of the Socialist Party of Moldova. It is convened at least two months prior to the launch of an electoral campaign. The Extraordinary Congress may be convened at the initiative of the Republican Council, Republican Control Commission or at least ? of the territorial organizations. The Congress is convened within two months and is deliberative provided more than half of the party members attend. The Congress:

  • Adopts the party bylaws and program, and amends them;
  • Approves the party electoral program;
  • Approves the party candidate lists in parliamentary and local elections;
  • Approves the Cooperative Agreements in elections with other parties and socio-political organizations developed by the Republican Council and debated upon by the party municipal, city and rayonal structures;
  • Appoints editors of the party media outlets;
  • Hears the report on the activity of the Party Republican Council;
  • Evaluates the activity of the party members and supporters in the state bodies and local public administration;
  • Cancels the resolutions of the party councils and conferences at all the levels, excludes party members based on an investigation conducted by the party control bodies;
  • Approves and cancels the decisions of the party control bodies with regard to issues of major importance for the party, examined during party investigations;
  • Approves the documents submitted by the Party Republican Council:

    1. Regulation on the Control Commission;
    2. Regulation on recruiting, registering and excluding party members;
    3. Regulation on holding Congresses, Conferences, opinion polls, party debates;
    4. Regulation on the membership fees and party financial and economic activity.

  • Adopts decisions on the cease of party activity;
  • Adopts other decisions within the competencies provided for in the bylaws and program.

The Congress may delegate to Republican Council the right to recruit new Congress members (in compliance with the norms of representation, but no more that 1/5 of its membership), to fill the vacancies, or to increase the number of members in primary organizations.

The Republican Council of the Socialist Party of Moldova is coordinating and assisting the activity of the party municipal, city and rayonal organizations as well as their theoretic and practical activity. The Republican Council is entitled to:

  • Hear the reports of the party municipal, city and rayon organizations;
  • Suspend the enforcement of the resolutions passed by party councils or organizations by violating the party governing documents; and recommend investigation of such cases;
  • Negotiate with other parties, analyze political situation, develop recommendations to party organizations;
  • Make declarations on the party behalf;
  • Coordinate the activity of party media outlets;
  • Establish and dissolve permanent or provisory working bodies;
  • Convene the ordinary and extraordinary Party Congresses;
  • Designate and recall party representatives in the state bodies;
  • Draw party candidate lists for general elections and submit them for the Congress approval;
  • Initiate recall of the party deputies from Parliament in line with the set guidelines.

The Republican Control Commission oversees the observance of bylaws and program provisions and of the financial discipline. It is guided in its activity by the Regulation approved by the Congress or Conference. Commission membership is elected via a secret vote. Members of the Control Commission may not simultaneously hold a position in the party executive body.

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