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Socialist Party of Moldova

Victor Morev
Date of establishment: August 11, 1992

Chairman: Victor Morev

Address: mun. Chisinau, str. V. Alecsandri no. 35A
Tel.: (373-22) 73-12-96

Doctrine: Socialist

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Historic background

On August 11, 1992 several members of the Communist Party, whose activity was prohibited in 1991 founded the Socialist Party of Moldova (SPM).

A year after it was established, Socialist Party of Moldova decided to run jointly with "Unitate-Edintsvo" (Unity) Movement in the 1994 parliamentary elections. For the first time in the history of the Republic of Moldova a left-wing coalition was formed, which was also supported by the Communist Party. The Electoral Bloc "Socialist Party and Unitate-Edinstvo Movement" received 28 seats in Parliament.

The "Socialist Union" faction managed to promote its interests in Parliament by forming a coalition with the majority faction, namely Democratic Agrarian Party of Moldova. The cooperation of the Agrarian Democratic Party and "Socialist Union" Faction lasted until 1996 presidential elections, when several disagreements arose between the parties regarding candidates to be designated to run for the presidency. Those disagreements greatly affected the unity of the coalition, that of the "Socialist Union", as well as the integrity of the Socialist Party of Moldova itself. As a result of deepening crisis, in 1996 the Socialist Party split in two groups. One headed by Eduard Smirnov, Veronica Abramciuc and Valentin Krilov in June 1997 founded the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova. Another one headed by Aurel Cepoi, who founded the Socialist Action Party, supported Petru Lucinshi in the presidential elections.

After Petru Lucinschi's victory in the presidential race and installment of Ciubuc Government "Socialist Union" faction turned to opposition in Parliament.

The Socialist Party of Moldova ran in the 1998 parliamentary elections jointly with another three parties, which formed the "Socialist Union" Electoral Bloc. The latter failed to gather enough votes to pass the threshold of representation.

The Socialist Party of Moldova managed to secure seats in Parliament due to their participation in 2001 parliamentary elections within the "Braghis Alliance" Electoral Bloc. The bloc succeeded due to the authority of the former Prime Minister Dumitru Braghis and the employment of administrative levers.

The Socialist Party of Moldova also took part in the 1995, 1999 and 2003 local elections.

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