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Social-Liberal Party


As of May 9, 2001 the date of its foundation, Social Liberal Party consisted of 13,140 members (2,190 members of the Social Liberal Initiative Group and 10,950 of the Women's Christian-Democratic League). After the merger with the National Youth League party membership increased to 18,615 members. In November 2001 the HR department started revising the membership of the party. During the National Council session of April 7, 2002 it was announced that the Social Liberal Party included 6,570 members, more than 12,000 part members on paper where excluded from the party.

After the X Extraordinary Congress of the SLP the number of party primary organizations increased to 314 in all the administrative-territorial units of the Republic.

The average age of the SLP Permanent Bureau members, after the party reorganization at the X Extraordinary Congress, is 41 years. Two out of 39 members of the executive body are Doctors of science, 8 have a PhD degree. Twelve of them have graduated universities in Western Europe, Romania and Russia.

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