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Social-Liberal Party

Governing Bodies

SLP has the following national governing bodies:

The Congress is the supreme governing body of the SLP which is convened every four years.

The Congress includes:

  • members of the Party National Council;
  • members of the Regional Councils;
  • members of the National Censor and Ethics Commission;
  • delegates from regional party organizations.

The Congress:

  • Adopts and amends SLP program and statute;
  • Adopts the party strategy and tactics;
  • Hears the activity report submitted by the party leadership;
  • Elects on rotation basis the Party Chair;
  • At the recommendation of the Chair elects 6 Deputy Chairs (responsible for ideology and propaganda; social problems; economic policy; international relations; political issues; and organizational matters);
  • Elects the National Censor and Party Ethics Commission.

National Council is the supreme governing body in the time period between the Congresses. It includes: members of the Party Permanent Bureau, 15 Deputy Chiefs of the Permanent Bureau Departments; Deputy Chairs of the Regional Party Organizations; Heads of Departments of the General Secretariat; Secretaries of the primary party organizations with more than 100 members; SLP representatives in the Government and deputies in Parliament; and honorary members and members of the National Censor and Party Ethics Commission.

National Council:

  • Convenes the Congress;
  • Adopts resolutions and declarations;
  • At the recommendation of the Party Chair, elects the General Secretary, Chairs of the primary organizations and 15 Heads of the Permanent Bureau Departments;
  • At the recommendation of the Party General Secretary, elects Deputy Secretary on organizational matters, Deputy Secretary on liaison with territorial organizations, and Deputy Secretary on administrative matters;
  • Elaborates and coordinates the implementation of the party strategy;
  • Appoints deputies to the officials elected by the SLP Congress;
  • Decides on the SLP standpoint on major political problems;
  • Develops party strategy in elections for the national and local level;
  • Decides on alliances with other political parties;
  • Approves SLP list of candidates in national elections;
  • Approves the internal party regulation;
  • Grants honorary membership in the party.

Permanent Bureau is the executive body exercising control functions in the time period within the National Council sessions. It is headed by the party Chair and upon his absence by one of the Deputy Chairs he/she delegated. The Permanent Bureau includes: Party Chair, Deputy Chairs, General Secretary of the party, Deputy Secretaries, Chair of the National Censor Commission, Chairs of the primary organizations, Honorary Chair of the Party and 15 Chiefs of Departments elected by the National Council.

Permanent Bureau:

  • Enforces National Council resolutions;
  • Convenes National Council sessions;
  • Hears the reports of national party administration;
  • Submits for the National Council approval party position on major political issues;
  • Designates SLP candidates in the general elections;
  • At the recommendation of the General Secretary approves the structure of the General Secretariat;
  • At the recommendation of the Department Chiefs, confirms Deputy Chairs in their positions;
  • Recommends National Council to form alliances and conclude agreements with other political parties;
  • Decides on the representation criteria for the SLP Congress.

General Secretariat undertakes ongoing activities of the Permanent Bureau and exercising the following functions:

  • keeps liaison with the party regional and local organizations;
  • exercises the functions of the party secretariat;
  • administers Party resources and submits annual financial reports to the National Council;
  • oversees collection of membership fees and enforcement of the Permanent Bureau decisions.

The Party Chair is elected on rotation basis. Candidates are designated by at least 15 delegates to the Congress. They should meet the following requirements:

  • Age raging 30-65 years;
  • High education;
  • No penal record;
  • No record of collaboration with the Soviet political police;
  • Not a member of the Communist party or other Communist, anarchist or fascist oriented parties;
  • Fluent in the state language of the Republic of Moldova.

The Party Chair:

  • Promotes SLP interests via legal means;
  • Officially represents SLP;
  • Chairs the sessions of the party governing bodies;
  • Recommends the Congress candidates to the Deputy Chair position;
  • Recommends National Council candidates to the Party General Secretary position, as well as Chief of Permanent Bureau Departments and Chairs of the primary organizations;
  • Hires and ousts officers of the General Secretariat in compliance with the labor law of the Republic of Moldova.

No one is allowed to hold the office of the SLP Chair more than two consecutive terms. The Chair, General Secretary shall resign in corpore upon the loss of general elections. They would announce the resignation at the Extraordinary session to be convened no later than 8 weeks after elections. In such cases SLP Chair is not allow to run for the second mandate.

National Censor and Party Ethics Commission is the internal party financial and disciplinary control body. It includes five members elected by the Party Congress. Commission members elect its Chair and Deputy Chair.

Social-Liberal Party:

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