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Social-Democratic Party of Moldova

Eduard Musuc

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Governing bodies
Participation in elections

Date of establishment: May 13, 1990

Chairperson: Eduard Musuc

Address: MD-2005, Chisinau, str. Petru Rares no. 33/1
Tel.: (373-22) 29-64-67
Fax: (373-22) 29-03-09

Doctrine: Social-democratic

Media outlet: Social-Democratul

Historic background

The Founding Conference of the Social-Democratic Party of Moldova was held on May 13, 1990. It was organized by a Steering Committee established at the initiative of the Humanist Club. It is a parliamentary party sharing the modern social-democratic values and militating for Moldova's development in line with rule of law, political, economic and social democracy principles. he Founding Conference elected Alexandru Coselev, Oazu Nantoi and Ion Negura as the Party Co-chairpersons.

Initially, the Social-Democratic Party of Moldova fought for the independence of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1992 the party condemned Chisinau authorities intentions to resort to military in settling Transdnistrian conflict.

During 1996-1998, Social-Democratic Party of Moldova underwent some internal problems generated from within by controversial opinions on the party political course as well as well as from outside.

Social-Democratic Party of Moldova is a member of the Socialist International Union. Incumbent Party Chairperson, Oazu Nantoi attended in November 1999 the XXI Congress of the Socialist International Union. Social-Democratic Party of Moldova cooperates with a series of European and CIS social-democratic parties.

Social-Democratic Party of Moldova has its youth branch and a Women' Social-Democratic Union.

Social-Democratic Party of Moldova took part in the 1994, 1998, and 2001 parliamentary elections and 1995, 1999 and 2003 local elections.

Social-Democratic Party of Moldova:

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