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Republican Party of Moldova


General principles

As a result of democratic movements Republic of Moldova is to become a civilized, European and democratic community of economically free people. Political pluralism has become a reality. On the other hand, Republic of Moldova continues to experience a deep economic crisis, and industrial and agricultural decline. The living standard is also continuously worsening.

The unemployment is rising, as is the number of people living in misery. The aforesaid affects vulnerable strata of society. The political crisis hasn't been overcome yet, whereas the current governing system has proved its inefficiency. The judicial system also proved to be faulty in fighting corruption and organized crime, which affect all the state structures. Drugs and chaos have reached unprecedented levels. Moral, cultural and spiritual degradation of the population continues to escalate. Human rights are violated.

More and more citizens of the Republic of Moldova illegally flee the country in search for a job, accepting the bottom line jobs. We cannot be indifferent to such a situation, and believe that is disgrace for us.

Due to the lack of political will and national pride, the Transdnistrian conflict hasn't been settled so far, whereas ethnic harmony remains a theory.

An efficient social security system hasn't been developed so far, individual freedoms are not observed, and civic education is insufficient.

Republic of Moldova is a country where Moldovans cohabitate with people of other ethnic origin, sharing the same principles of loyalty and pluralism of ideas, concepts and religions.

Objectively speaking, the vital interests of our citizens are dominated by the idea of establishing a sovereign, independent, unitary, rule of law and democratic state. Such a state should envisage sustainable development, stability in political, economic and social life.

Consequently, the society faces an important task, namely to develop and implement an efficient model of the country development, creating an economic and political system able to ensure the efficiency of such a model. In this respect, it is binding to form a party, which would gather citizens based on their civic ideas, and would assume the responsibility for exercising the power in the state. Republican Party of Moldova is ready to assume such a responsibility and would strive to achieve the following tasks:

Governing system. Political life. Civil society.

The party opts for the Republic of Moldova to become a really independent, sovereign, unitary and democratic state. The Party pleads for a presidential republic. The Chief of State is the President of the Republic of Moldova, who is elected by the people and is entrusted concrete responsibilities, so as to ensure a strict constitutional separation of powers and to avoid the political monopoly of one single power, by means of coexistence of democracy and order, priority of state priorities over the party interests.

The party opts for clear separation of powers (legislative, executive, judiciary) in line with international law and experience of democratic countries so as to prevent abuses and slippage towards dictatorship and political voluntarism.

The party opts for reformation of the Parliament in line with the experience of democratic countries. Clear separation of President, Government and Parliament responsibility shall guarantee sharing of responsibilities in front of the electorate. The Parliament is the supreme legislative and control body.

The stability of a democratic state may be secured only by observing international law, establishing a civil society, which would guaranteed the rights, freedoms and social justice for its citizens.

It is necessary to liberalize political life. A state could be really stable if it is based on rule of law, each citizen is equal under law and is exercising its citizen's duty to observe the Constitution, laws and international norms. All citizens enjoy equal rights and possibilities.

The party opts for new efficient mechanisms of fighting corruption, organized crime, and drugs. It opts for order and stability. Freedom is real only under stable order.

It is necessary to continuously develop all the civil society institutions (political parties, socio-political movements, non-governmental organizations, etc) as guarantors of supporting and fostering private enterprise, individual's responsibility, etc.

The party opts for the decentralization of the state power and empowering local government to settle vital problems in the territories. The principle of political representation shall be observed at all the levels of state structures, power shall be accountable to civil society, which by means of its institutions would prevent totalitarianism. Consequently, civil society would control the governors.

The party shall further the process of national revival of the native population, by observing and harmonious cohabitation of ethnic minorities.

It is necessary to establish an efficient mechanism of civil society control over the Forces Ministries, so as to guarantee that latter would not interfere in political processes.

The Party pleads for cooperation with all political parties, socio-political movements, state structure and other institutions so as to ensure the progress of the country.


The party opts for the economy liberalization, continuing reforms, and transition to market economy of a modern type, free enterprise and competition. It is necessary to ensure sustainable development. An efficient economy may be ensured provided a legal framework fostering reforms is developed. It is necessary to reform the financial and banking system, improving the fiscal system and taxation policy, stabilizing foreign currency system and ensuring the convertibility of the domestic currency.

The party opts for privatization of the state patrimony, de-monopolizing economy, supporting new private enterprises based on private property so as to establish favorable conditions for free competition. Incentives are required to boost small and medium business, to ensure long-term markets for the Moldovan products so as to attract foreign investments. Republic of Moldova industry is in continuous decline and enterprises do not work at their full capacity.

In this respect the party pleads for industry restructuring, implementation of high-tech, creating processing enterprises, free economic zone (industrial & commercial). The Party believes it is necessary to devise a republican system creating new workplaces, reducing unemployment and re-training workforce.

In agriculture, the party opts for continuing the agrarian reform supporting the producers, state aid to farmers, establishing a financial and banking system to support agriculture, incentives to purchasing agricultural products.

The party opts for improving the services provided to the population. The Energy system is a key problem pending immediate resolution.

Social sphere

The party opts for socially oriented economy. All the people enjoy equal rights and obligations in earning a profit, possessing a patrimony, and exercising functions in the state bodies, access to information, education and healthcare. It is necessary to devise a new efficient social security system, providing guarantees to elderly, children, women, youth, disabled, socially vulnerable strata, and high work security.

The party opts for developing a state environmental program, which would ensure a harmony between man and nature, as well as a program to develop villages and cities.

Spiritual life

Establishing a real civil society. Reviving trust, tolerance, and generally accepted human values such as freedom, justice, solidarity and faith, genuine national and international spiritual values may ensure social and economic reforms.

It is impossible to solve those problems without civic education. Citizen is the main pillion of any state.

It is necessary to develop a new state geo-strategic concept on history, culture and progress of the Republic of Moldova. Furthermore the party opts for:

  • establishing a modern and democratic education system to respond to the current needs;
  • develop science and research;
  • protect culture and its institutions, ensuring free citizens' access to its values.

The party values the role of the church in the spiritual life. All the legal religions and confessions enjoy equal rights. The state should guarantee freedom of belief and shall refrain from interfering in matters related to religion.

The party opts for educating tolerance, as an obligation of citizens of the civil society.

The Party opts for enhancing the role of media in the country. Mass media should be privatized and become independent. Citizens should have access to information, whereas the activity of all the bodies should be transparent.

Foreign policy

Given the geo-strategic position of the Republic of Moldova it is necessary to develop an adequate state policy. The domestic and foreign policy shall be developed in such a manner so as to preserve and strengthen state sovereignty, independence and state security (political, economic, cultural and military.

Moldova should be open to cooperate with the world in all the fields of human activity for the sake of peace and progress. We condemn aggression, wars, and interference in other countries' affairs. The only way to settle conflicts is negotiation.

The party is willing to stay in opposition to ruling parties and movements if the latter fail to act in the interest of the people, progress, show signs of dictatorship, or violate democratic norms.

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