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Liberal Party


I. General provisions

Establishment of the Party of Reform

Given the following global tendencies:

  • Cooperation of the states and nations in resolving global problems;
  • Cultural revival, environmentally clean existence of people, humanization of social relations;
  • Rapid development of communication on all the meridians;
  • Prevalence of economic problems over the political and ideological ones;
  • Incontestable success of the free marked and democracy;
  • Openness to free market and free flow of values;

and being aware of the current and future situation of the Republic of Moldova and of the fact that Moldova has a chance to benefit of the changes in the contemporary world only by promoting cardinal reforms in the entire society, in compliance with the right to free association and political and civic activity we establish the Party of Reform as a response to the existing needs.

Party of Reform established in September 1993, focuses on positive changes in all the spheres of life, and intends to elaborate, support and to promote a reform strategy so as the Republic of Moldova could join the community of civilized nations.

Characteristics of the Party of Reform

As a center-right party and promoter of the radical and irreversible reform of the post-totalitarian state, Party of Reform will cooperate with other public associations in view of establishing universally accepted decent standards of living of the society.

Human dimension of the Party of Reform

Acknowledging that historic culture and faith are to be the driving forces and that only by observing human rights and freedoms there would be a place for us in the international community, the Party of Reform strives for humanization of social ties and political activities.

II. Fundamental Principles

Politics in our life

The economy, family, culture, faith, friends, science, peace, happiness - all these generally accepted human values are more closer to people than the politics is. But without politics no success in social spheres could be achieved. An efficient politics is the most important condition for the multilateral progress of the society. A positive politics, politics based on reforms would be the best solution for our society. Reform is a mentality, faith and way of life of the party members and its supporters.

Guaranteeing private property and protecting free enterprise

Given that the state wealth is based firstly on the wealth of each individual, the Party of Reform strives for state protection and guarantee of the private property and free enterprise. It also strives for the following provision to be included in the Constitution: Private property is the economic foundation of the state and is sacred.

Human rights observance

Party of Reform promotes human rights and freedoms as a fundamental principle under the rule of law. We promote citizens' equality under the law, regardless of sex, religion, nationality, social status, etc. Party of Reform is an active promoter of human rights, as well as those of children and ethnic minorities, which are recognized by the international law and international treaties and Conventions Republic of Moldova adhered to.

State economy

Party of Reform strives for the development of the Republic of Moldova economy, for an efficient transition strategy to market economy - the only viable models in the contemporary world. As the success of the reforms relies mainly on peoples' mentality the Party of Reform disseminates the ideals of market economy in the society in order to gain as many supporters of the reforms. In this respect, the entire program of the Party of Reform is dedicated to economic recovery and prosperity of the individual citizen.

For a modern state

Party of Reform constantly fights for the separation of powers into legislative, executive and judicial, guaranteeing human rights as the basic principle of efficient governing. We are in favor of a professional Parliament and Government and an independent judiciary.

Party of Reform militates for the real independence of the Republic of Moldova, a single, independent inseparable state, where people live in harmony regardless of their ethnic origin.

The party considers that it is the main role of the state to promote reforms and establish market economy and democratic society.

The Party or Reform acknowledges the role of the army, police and special services in ensuring individual security and rule of law and supports their de-politicization, enhancing their professionalism, and modernization from organizational, moral, technical and financial perspective.

Republic of Moldova in the world

As a proponent of the international law observance the Party of Reform supports Republic of Moldova integration in the European and international community, in the regional organizations and firmly opposes treaties and conventions, which might imperil the country's sovereignty.

III. Economic policy

The main goal of the party's economic policy is to ensure a general consensus for a rapid and legal transition from the socialist type economy to a management one and to guarantee a favorable environment for the wellbeing of the country population.

Character of the economic reforms

Party of Reform supports market economy based on private property and operating under economy laws. The economic reform should be radical and comprehensive, relying on scientific analysis adjusted to Republic of Moldova conditions. Party of Reform has its own program of transition and consolidation of market economy.

Assessment of current potential

It is binding firstly, to assess the material and human potential at all the social and economic levels, which includes:

  • Evaluation of the domestic economic potential as well as the foreign one;
  • Evaluation of the natural resources;
  • Evaluation of human, scientific, and cultural potential.

Limitations of the privatized entities

A prerequisite of the democratic economy is the maximal distribution of the social capital to private owners. Establishing private proprietors and increasing their number is a strategic goal of the Party of Reform. Only the entities of strategic importance for the country should be under the state property. In this respect, Party of Reform opts for the revision of the State Privatization Program, perfecting the legal framework and increasing the number of privatized entities.

Concept of privatization

Privatization is not just a goal; it is the most efficient form of economic recovery. We believe that privatization via patrimony vouchers, allegedly a democratic method but economically inefficient, should be followed by the privatization as such, i.e. the major entities should be privatized using national currency. Party of Reform truly believes that the social strata represented by private proprietors and managers could assume the role of administrating and increasing the national patrimony, by cooperating with the rest of the society.

Investment policy

We consider that the state should get involved in the investment process, especially in the production and services fields, which reduce the unemployment, increase labor productivity and produce goods of mass consumption. Party of Reform opts for unrestricted use of income, amending the legislation so as to encourage, protect and support foreign and domestic investments and attract foreign capital. We oppose the policy of preferential support to inefficient and bankrupt state ventures.

Fiscal system

Party of Reform opts for a single tax system based on the real income declared by the taxpayer in his/her personal declaration of income, which is to be verified by the state control bodies. We consider that the funds allotted to culture, education, science, Medicare and sports should be exempted from taxes.

Reform of the financial and banking system

By supporting the abolishment of state monopoly on banking operations, we endorse:

  • Establishment of an open financial market and support to private financial and banking institutions;
  • A balanced budget over a long-term period;
  • Positive balance of payment;
  • National currency circulation, balancing exchange rate and ensuring its convertibility;
  • Credit policy targeted towards economic reform, restructuring and recovery.

Science and technology policy

We endorse a favorable legal framework for boosting scientific and technological creativity and speeding up high-tech implementation.

Perpetuation of reforms

Party of Reforms is in favor of a concept program in economy - The Economic Convention, which would ensure the perpetuation of reforms and avoid the fluctuation of the Governments succeeding each other.

III. 1. Industry

It is the vision of the Party of Reform that the revival of industry via investments and new technologies, creation of new workplaces, as well as boosting and motivating creativity are impossible without an efficient privatization. National industry's social capital should be sold to private proprietors and to a less degree - transferred into the property of citizens based on patrimony vouchers.

Turning the industry profitable

Party of Reform considers as faulty the policy of supporting inefficient industrial giants and believes that only by changing the form of property and by liberalizing state's economic policy (abolishing administrative control and centralized planing) those enterprises could recover and become profitable. We support quantitative and qualitative restructuring of the industry by taking into account national interests and current and future possibilities of cooperation with the neighborhood countries.

National Program on industry

The Party of Reform will take part in the elaboration of a National Program on industry reform and development, which shall include the following:

  • Strategies of stimulating transfer of know-how at the top levels, of establishing a favorable environment for the companies producing high-tech;
  • Investment programs in the key industry branches, firstly high-tech (microelectronics), food and production of agricultural machinery;
  • Identifying and diversifying energy sources, ensuring energetic self-sufficiency of the country;
  • Efficient strategies of extending the world market for domestic products;
  • Boosting import and export of high-tech licensing;
  • Efficient methods of increasing the environmental safety of the industry;
  • Employing technologies ensuring labor protection at the international standards.

III. 2. Agriculture

Key elements of the agricultural policy

The Party of Reform is in favor of legalizing the right on private property on land, which is a way of recovering the agriculture and the foundation of moral and traditional values. Given that the lack of agricultural machinery, Party of Reform recognizes the right to any type of association based on the private property. We believe that the state should create favorable crediting conditions to the private proprietors by establishing a modern agricultural, financial and banking system. We are in favor of establishing a network of service providers in agriculture:

  • Centers of consulting, expertise and prognostication;
  • Transportation and other agricultural services;
  • Distribution services, provision of seeds and biological materials (from specialized research institutions) for stock-farms;
  • Modern food industry, capable of capitalizing agricultural resources and bringing high profits for the producers, of saturating domestic market and successfully competing on the foreign markets.

Financial improvement

We found that the plots are in poor condition as is the water supply system. The Party of Reform supports long-term investments in the land reform.

Establishing a state social security system

A system of permanent social security is viewed of extreme importance: Medicare institutions, primary schools and kindergartens, agricultural and vocational training schools, appropriate pension system, efficient communication networks, service provision, cultural and religious institutions.

Establishing pilot enterprises and supporting private farms

Party of Reform is in favor of establishing some ventures and associations of private proprietors as pilot projects on market economy.

We will establish our own funds in support of private farmers and we'll take part in founding private banks, which would contribute to the agriculture recovery.

Expanding the market for domestic agricultural products

Party of Reform opts for an efficient program encouraging the export of domestic agricultural products and civilized expansion on world agricultural market.

III. 3. Services Reform (commerce, services, tourism)

Party of Reform considers that a special attention should be given to the development of the third sector in order to establish market economy infrastructure and extend the middle class, which is the foundation of the democratic society. We opt for the immediate and total privatization of this sector, as well as for the liberalization of commerce and prices, while ate the same time protecting consumers' interests.

Legal framework regulating services sector

In order to accelerate the reform of the private sector we believe a legal framework should be developed boosting private initiatives in commerce and service provision. In addition, the following are needed: a program of short-term and long-term investments, advantageous credits, fiscal and customs measures aimed to support domestic products trade, personnel training at the international standards.

Putting into circulation the tourist patrimony

Party of Reform sees tourism as an important sector in economic recovery. It opts for investments in tourism, promoting current spas, improving the access to and increasing the competitiveness of all tourist regions, protecting by law the tourist patrimony, supporting by law and investments the rural tourism, training personnel in tourism.

The role of the third sector in the economic and social structure

The services sector is in a direct contact with customers and should be more responsible to ensure a better quality, via diversification, modernization, professionalism, privatization and competition. The Party of Reform views extension of service provision as one of its major goals in its economic and social policy.

III. 4. Transportation and communication

Party of Reform deems necessary a large scale privatization in the field of transportation and supports private enterprise in extending the infrastructure and modernizing the existing one via investments and new technologies, a rapid, economic, civilized and environmental clean transport.

Party of Reform opts for investments in communications and information systems by establishing a national information system compatible to international information and communication systems.

III. 5. Boosting export

Party of Reform firmly insists on the state efforts to boost, protect and support export, re-export and export intermediating. In this respect we support the elaboration of a program and set up of a special fund.

IV. Protecting private property and free enterprize

Party of Reform views the protection of private property and free enterprise as a fundamental principle, and will contribute to the legalization of free enterprise and establishment of a legal framework regulating private property.

Major role of private property

Party of Reform views right to private property as a condition for individual freedom and opts for a maximum distribution of state property to private entrepreneurs - citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The right on property over land, money, estate, inventions, innovations, investments, brands, copyright, should be legalized, registered with specialized institutions, who would attest the respective right upon litigation and would protect them.

Free enterprise - engine of the society

Party of Reform defines free enterprise as a legal possibility of developing and caring out an economic activity. Individual's right to develop a plan, to invest his/her property, intellect and energy, to cooperate with other fellows, to achieve success in business and thereby make a profit - are noble causes, which call to actions. Party of Reform welcomes and supports private initiative from all social strata and in all fields of activity via educating free enterprise attitude in the society, by supporting entrepreneurs, establishing market economy mechanisms and legalizing ownership.

Directing foreign financial aid to the private sector

Aware of the fact that financial aid should not be directed to inefficient and bankrupt companies, Party of Reform will encourage its members and supporters to develop competitive projects attracting foreign investments. Further, it will ensure political backup to reliable projects and will recommend foreign political parties, Governments, international economic organizations, and businessmen to invest in the private sector of our country.

V. Management policy

Party of Reform actively supports management and the managers in their efforts to organize the process of human innovations, to centralize the data on the economic and social evolution, to implement a dynamic and sufficient model of development, to develop a strategy of change. Party of Reform encourages and supports managers in their activity of involving citizens in the society reformation. We are in favor of a modern management system; self-confidence and cooperation coupled with courage and accountability.

Reconsidering social status of managers and proprietors

Party of Reform views as faulty the social policy and mentality, which morally disadvantages managers and proprietors, and the society which economically disadvantages them. It is necessary to rethink the national consciousness, via rebuilding positive image of that strata of society, which proved to be the engine of progress in our age. Party media outlets, scientists, businessmen and the entire party will contribute to a fair coverage of the proprietor and manager.

Economic position of the proprietor and manager

Party of Reform considers that economic entities should be consulted on any draft law, Government resolutions, etc pertaining to economic issues. As in the case of privatization, proprietors and managers should play a key role, of course based on their possibilities and competencies.

Developing and training future managers

In view of forming an efficient managerial staff at the national level for all the branches of economy, the Party of Reform opts for ongoing recruitment in Universities and other institutions of qualified persons based on their competence.

Party of Reform contributes to the education and discipline of the social strata of proprietors and managers, which should understand that society has entrusted them very difficult tasks and therefore it is entitled to expect from them expertise in the relevant fields, patriotism, morality and energy in achieving the ideals.

Legal and social protection of the proprietors and managers

Given the current situation when the businessmen are left alone to cope with criminal structures, the Party of Reform will foster cooperation between proprietors and managers, other sectors of the society and the state in view of protecting their property, dignity and security of their lives. In this respect, the Party of Reform will contribute to the development of a legal framework and to well functioning of all state institutions in view of ensuring efficient protection of businesses and businessmen.

Party of Reform will support trade unions and other associations of managers established in view of defending their legal rights and interests.

VI. Social policy

The goal of the Party of Reform's social policy is to develop and promote policies, which would reduce the social costs of transition to a rich, integrated and disciplined post-industrial society.

Human being - fundamental value

The Party of Reform views initiative, work and human creation as fundamental values of the national patrimony and main sources of development. We believe that the man is responsible for his own fate and is obliged to develop his skills, work and provide his family a decent living. As for the state-citizen relationship we shall be guided by the principle: the State exists for the citizens and not vice-versa. In a related note, we would plead that the rights and obligations of both parties be established.

Right to work

We consider the right to work as a fundamental right, and the state and business should establish a favorable environment for the citizen to exercise this right in accordance with his/her competencies. We believe that it is impossible to create workplaces and reduce unemployment without efficient privatization as well as without the participation of proprietors and managers. The State should support the efforts undertaken by the latter to create new workplaces. The State and private business shall develop programs, establish specialized structures and allot funds for the professional re-qualification. The Party of Reform believes that unemployment aid should be paid for six months at most.

Social partnership

Party of Reform considers that class struggle is politically wrong, inhuman and immoral. In its activity the party is guided by the social partnership, as only loyal and civilized collaboration of all the citizens, political actors and businessmen may ensure prosperity and social stability.

Trade unions in a democratic society

Recognizing the right to association in view of defending social and professional interests, the Party of Reform believes that the state should establish a legal framework allowing free functioning of the trade unions.

For a social security

The Party of Reform suggests the revision of the entire social security system, and opts for the establishment of state, private and mixed social assistance systems, as well as protection of citizens unable to work. To do this it is important to train social workers according to international standards, and establish a social assistance infrastructure. The Party of Reform is in favor of an efficient policy aimed to improve the situation of the elderly and disabled, to reintegrate socially and economically the unemployed and refugees.

Medical insurance

Party of Reform supports the idea that individual's health is defined not only by the absence of illness but also by his physical, psychological and social wellbeing. It favors a prophylactic, curative, and environmental medical insurance system. In this respect we support the diversification of medical services: private, state and insurance based.

Abolishing discrepancies in the retirement system

The Party of Reform believes that citizens should get equal pensions, for an equal amount of work of the same qualification, regardless of place of work, position, location and retirement date.

Policy in education, culture, science, religion, sports

Being aware of the key role played by intelligentsia the society edification, the Party of Reform opts for private investments as well as state contributions (equal to the quotas provided for in the budgets of developed countries) in education, science, culture, religion, sports. We consider that a well-educated individual is profitable from an economic point of view as well.


Party of Reform opts for a state and private education systems, flexible and open for each student, young or old, based on his/her individual capacity. The state is obliged to ensure a democratic access to education and training, to ensure a degree recognized by international institutions. The Party of Reform also favors private and state programs of recruitment, support and training of talented kids and teenagers as well as for a national outreach and re-qualification system.

Autonomy of culture and free circulation of values

Culture and art, which are aimed to humanize and introduce us to human civilization, must be supported both by the state as well as by the businessmen, thus favoring the autonomy of art creation and its free circulation.

Science - catalyst of reforms

We believe that scientific research should be organized in such a manner as to motivate the researcher, including financially, to find solutions to the current problems the economy and society is facing. We opt for the reorientation of science towards research, including fundamental research - strategy that in the opinion of Party of Reform better responds to the current needs. We are in favor of a mixed, state and private network of international cooperation and scientific research supported by state via advantageous credits, tax exemption, and allocation of funds

The value and role of intelligentsia

Being a proponent of individual values and competencies, the Party of Reform believes that intelligentsia should assume its role of defending society interests, permanently encouraging it to participate in the social and economic transformations.

The youth - socio-political participation in the society of tomorrow

According to the vision of the Party of Reform the youth represents one of the major forces involved in implementing the reform and furthering democratic society. The state has the obligation to establish conditions necessary to identify, form and manifest intellectual potential of the young generation. We truly believe that the youth of our country, which is of unquestionable value, needs not an assistance policy but rather the elimination of all artificial barriers hindering them to assert themselves in the economic, social and political life.

The man - part of nature and its protection

Party of Reform consistently promotes the conscious-raising on the importance of environment, need to adjust the educational and production process to the environmental standards. The Party of Reform develops its own environmental programs as well as supports the state and international programs aimed to restore the natural potential. The Party favors a legal framework requiring that any type of economic activity should meet environmental standards.

Reinforcing Christian morality

According to the vision of the Democratic Party the Christian principles on which the human personality is shaped should be shared by the entire society. The state is to support the activity of religious institutions, respect their economical and confessional autonomy.

VII. The State: internal organization and foreign policy

The Party of Reform considers that there are no rich or poor countries, rather there are countries well or poorly managed.

Party of Reform pleads for optimizing the decision making process and making it more professional, increasing the level of moral and political accountability of the authorities, in view of establishing the rule of law and civil society sharing the system of international values.

VII. 1. Internal organization

Defending human rights and freedoms

The Party of Reform believes that one of the state's major obligations is to defend, guarantee and observe human rights and freedoms, i.e.: civil, economic, social, cultural in compliance with the international standards. We believe that a governing violating citizens' rights looses its legality and should be abolished by the people.

Separation of powers

It is the Party of Reform believe that separation of powers: legislative, executive and judiciary is a fundamental principle, which should be clearly provided for in the Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Moldova.

Independent judiciary

We opt for a reform of judiciary, rule of law, independent judiciary and law enforcement forces. To insure a strict observance by all the branches of power of the legality and rule of law, in our opinion it is necessary to establish a Constitutional Court.

In support of administrative reform

The Party of Reform is the proponent of a new administrative-territorial reform, of establishing a legal framework favorable for the financial and institutional autonomy of the professional and responsible local administration.

Independence and territorial integrity of the state

Party of Reform considers that ensuring the territorial independence and integrity of the state is one of the states' major tasks as well as of all legal political parties.

National army

The army is defending the independence and territorial integrity of the state. The Party of Reform takes part in the elaboration of a special program on social reintegration of officers. Being an important part of the army elite, the officers should enjoy the status they deserve in society, whereas their intelligence and courage should be fully used.

VII. 2. Foreign policy

The Party of Reform considers as one of its major objectives in the foreign policy to represent Republic of Moldova's independence and interests abroad and cooperate with other institutions in view of achieving this objective.

International cooperation

We view as a priority the elaboration of a policy on cooperation with UN and other specialized organizations, as well as with governmental and non-governmental foreign organizations in view of furthering Republic of Moldova integration in the international and European community.

Foreign economic policy

We opt for an efficient and flexible policy, allowing continuous extension of international markets for domestic products, favoring Republic of Moldova's access to international economic organizations, and attracting foreign investments in the national economy. The main objective of the foreign economic policy is to achieve economic sustainability and autonomy of the national economy.

VIII. For parliamentary methods

The strategic objectives of the Party of Reform are specified in special programs for various fields, which are to be enforced vial legal parliamentary methods.

We are in favor of democracy and political ethics, of civilized dialogue and loyal competition of ideas and personalities, as well as for the success of reforms.

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