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Environmental Party of Moldova "Green Alliance"


I. Preamble

The world environment crisis continues to aggravate. We are becoming more and more aware of the restricted character and rapid exhaustion of natural resources, the impetuous increase of chemical substances stocks, disappearance of numerous species of plants and animals, glass house effect and thinning of the ozone layer, gradual transforming of rivers, seas and planetary ocean in places of overflow of industrial and domestic waste materials , intensive soil degradation - all these endanger not only the environment, but also the existence of humans as a biological species. However, in highly developed industrial countries, where the people became aware of the disastrous consequences of pollution and, as a result, significant efforts and investments, a notable change in the ecological situation took place, the infantile mortality reduced, the longevity increased.

The ecological situation in the Republic of Moldova is especially difficult, as there is a lack of real owners and where, during decades, have been intensively experimented and applied various toxic substances and anti-ecological technologies, that have severely affected people's health, causing mental and spiritual degradation - fact that effected negative changes in the genetic code of human beings. Unprecedented antropogenic interventions in the natural environment took place: there have been completely exterminated steppes, pastures, river meadows, forests have been cleared, the abrupt slopes -were tilled, surfaces, covered with weeded cultures, were exaggeratedly extended in the detriment of the compact cultures, unreasonably extended livestock sector, with huge stocks of debased wastes. All these have led to the rapid degradation of soils, the main richness of the country, this process was not stopped yet, the pollution of water and air still continues, facts that led to the appearance of diverse illnesses, birth of defected children, a severe increase of infantile mortality, reduction of longevity etc.

All these calamities determined the organization of a strong ecological movement following universal human goals for the mankind to self-guard against unprecedented ecology catastrophe. So, the profound restructuring of management system became an imperative, hence, the necessity of organization of an ecologist party, with its objective of bringing ecology to the consciousness and all spheres of activities of the people, stopping the negative ecological processes, optimization of ecological-economical situations in all the aspects: economic- social, nature protection, ecological ones etc.

The ecologist party has an alternative view on the ways of economic production. These are the fundamental principles of our policy: ecological, social, democratic si pacifist.

Ecological Policy

Starting from the objective laws of nature evolution and the signification of universal human values, the ecological policy of the party disapprove the political dogmas or conjuncture considerations, considering the environment and human beings as upright components of nature. Human life is framed in biospherical cycles, while civilization, especially, the extensive technical-scientific process, the deteriorated natural balance - directly or indirectly influences the humans. We categorically reject extensive economy and acts of spoliation of natural resourses; we sustain the technologies that concur in nature recovery. We state for the application of the technologies that do not affect natural circuits of substances and contribute to the improvement of life quality. Sustaining the quantitative and qualitative increase of production to the extent that does not imply, in its turn, unreasonable consumption of energy and raw materials; we state for an economic system oriented at vital fundamental necessities of the man, system that would contribute to the edification of a democratic society in which the people are characterized by a superior conscientiousness in their relationships with nature.

Social Policy

According to our opinion, the social policy , in view of its future sustainability, has to follow the goal of creation of an equitable and stable social system. The ecological, social and economical crisis can be avoided only in case of determining of all factors, implied in these spheres. The existent circumstances generate multiple social and psychical sufferings, that is why we are again any forms of discrimination - ethical, social or religious. We militate for the improvement of material and intellectual living standards, guaranteed of incomes that would correspond to the level of capabilities and carried out work, promotion of modern technologies to ensure optimal environmental protection.

We are aware of the fact that only education can ensure the ecological awareness in all spheres of human activity. Ecological awareness implies renouncement to exaggerated high consumption production, establish of a mentality in favor of a rational way of life, transition from an economy of spoliation of natural resources to a economy of nature protection, from the egocentrism priority to that of life quality.

Democratization of Society

The contemporary democratic world is incompatible with centralization that impedes the development of society, undermining its existence. The centralization of power imminently causes its monopolization. In the conditions of monopolization the democratization of the social system is unimaginable, as abuse of power leads to its arbitrary and non-controlled use. We state for the decentralization of power, for the creation of a democratic system, for the consolidation of local self-administration. We will act for the realization of an ecologically balanced agriculture.


The ecologists state for the edification of a society without violence and follow the creation of a free, balanced, peaceful society. The principle of non-violence imposes the observance of the human rights to self-defense and social resistance, in various forms. The peace policy of the party foresees actions of counter-defense against the policy of occupation by foreign troops of countries, and firmly state against the oppression of national minorities, use of force in national relationships. We state for general disarmament, elimination of nuclear, biological and chemical arms from Terra. Establishing of a non-violence society is possible through the transition from monologue to the dialogue, from discrimination to equality of rights, from chauvinism to altruism, from hostile relationships to friendly relationships, from total militarization to demilitarization of actions of human psychology.

Nonviolence does not exclude an active social resistance.

The party shall militate, by political methods, for the ecological awareness of the society and of the decision-makers (Parliament, Government, and local authorities), the final objective being the stopping of the ecological disaster and amelioration of the environment as major conditions of human existence.

2. The Economy and Creation of Jobs

Crisis of the Existing Economic System

The technical-scientific revolution, the symbol of the XX-th century, has considerably extended the ways of excessive use of natural resources, increased the productive capacity of the people. In the conditions of state property on natural resources, where the real ownership spirit does not exist, irresponsibility and indifference become principles of economic factors activity, relationships between human beings and environment continue to aggravate. The impact of the man on nature has as a basis the desire to achieve certain goals that do not always coincide with biosphere recovery resources. Within a short geological period, the man, due to the created technologies, has strongly accelerated the elements of biogenic migration, so that circuits of natural substances do not manage to transform the so numerous fluxes of noxious substances. The contradiction between man and bioshpere elements, is leading to the world environmental crisis that menaces the contemporary society. The barbarian spoliation of nature brings prejudices of an irreparable character. The biological basis of life is endangered by a severe environmental pollution by nuclear-electrical power stations, waste material stocks, experimentation and forced application of many types of biocides and severe dissipation of material resources. This inevitably leads to the lack of balance of the vital nature balances. Lately, the spoliation of human resources is being strongly aggravated. The physical and mental solicitation of the man at his working place increase in parallel to the intensity of technological processes. Production does not serve the requirements of the people, but the interests of the ministries and capital investors. Ecological balance of nature becomes victim to the economic development and expansion of spoliation ministries. The economical and financial policy of the ruling circles does not take into account these ecological aspects of long-term people' interests. This enhances the extensive development of economy, fact that leads, in its turn, to a significant economic increase and to increased pressures on nature. As a consequence, there is an aggravation of activity conditions of small and medium economic units, this affecting the existence of nature and humans.

The economical policy based on ecological principles and management of financial resources.

The party shall act to firmly combat the nature spoliation and shall sustain the ecological awareness in all actions of the man, fact that will permit the creation of an economic system that would take into account the necessities of all generations, protection of nature and rational use of its resources. We want a society in which the relationships production-consumption, producer-beneficent, development, perfecting and use of new technologies would become the cause of each of its members. An economy based on ecological principles does not negatively affect the quality of life.

We are against the extensive increase of production, especially if this needs huge energy consumption and raw material per produced article.

The party in its activity shall follow the following ecological goals:

  • production of industrial produces of long use and easy reconditioning;
  • ensuring of judicious consumption of energy and raw materials;
  • re-use of natural produces and their recycling;
  • exclusion from the productive circuit of produces and processes that affect the ecological balance , endangering human health and life;
  • recycling of waste materials and utilized produces;
  • elaboration of the law on nature protection and judicious management of natural resources;
  • effecting of a rigorous ecological expertise of all the elaborated bills.

However, we sustain all the actions aiming at improving the social situation of the population, improvement of technologies, aiming at people's benefit; nature protection and biological basis of life; at facilitating scientifically research in the domain; people supply with consuming goods and increase of social services. These desiderata can be achieved only by the democratization of all spheres of life and by the active position of the population. The ecological policy of the party, based on solidarity and democracy, can contribute to a radical change of the consumption mentality, to bringing ecology into the human conscience and the change of man-nature relationships in favor of increasing the capacity of nature recovery and its protection.

Transition to a new economic system by the ecologisation of nature and of all spheres of activity is indestructibly linked with a good management of financial resources. According to the opinion of the ecologists, the development plan of all administrative units should include a chapter referring to nature protection and judicious management of natural resources. The available financial resources and other financial contributions should be used to bolster the projects and economical units, contributing to the recovery of the elements of nature, maintaining the natural reservations and supporting the actions combating diverse prejudices, caused to the balance of nature.

Economy of Economical and Social Orientation

Ecologists have an alternative point of view on the economic system in which the state controls the labor process, the finite product and life conditions of the people. We declare for the fundamental change of the short-sighted thought, aiming only at achieving immediate economic results at any price. In our efforts of restructuring of the economic, political and cultural spheres, we base on the consciousness that we face a phenomena that could gradually lead to the disappearance of life as form of matter motion. Ecologists sustain models of small and medium-size economical units, their harmonius combination with large enterprises, decentralization and elimination of any possible dictate of rigid economic indices. Our opinion is that large, badly managed, enterprises should be divided in small, democratically managed units. We require a judicious placement of economical units with reference to the specific of the region, and a rigorous ecological evidence that would foresee the recuperation of all prejudices, caused by certain industrial or agricultural produces, as a temporal or final prohibition of the activity of polluting nature units.

In order to be convinced on the compatibility of a technology with the environment , on the capacity of ensuring judicious consumption of energy resources and raw materials, as well as its beneficial influence on human beings, a period of experimentation of the technology, before its implementation in production, is needed. This would permit reduction of the pressures, effected on nature, and reconstituting of its recovery capacities.

Human Resources and Technologies

The level of technological development determines, to a great extent, the ecological condition of the society. The non-judicious use of modern technologies substantially aggravates the ecological situation and working conditions of the population.

Ecologists state for:

  • effecting of a rigorous ecological expertise of all new technologies;
  • improvement of working conditions through application of these technologies;
  • exclusion of productive activities in shifts and the elimination, as much as possible, of night work (the III shift);
  • guarantee of work protection and safety engineering.

Power Engineering

In the recent decades, the technical progress offered and continues to offer new options of elaborating methods of energy production, especially, in the developed countries, that consume 85% of the total energy consumption of the world. An important energy source has become the extremely large network of nuclear electric power stations, that have been constructed during the last decades, without taking into account the consequences that can appear, especially in the countries of outdated technologies. Indifference in the attitude towards modern technologies can have severe consequences not only of local importance, but also of world importance. As edifying examples of this attitude serve the accidents of Celeabinsc and Cernobil, that affected not only close territorial zones, but also many other regions of the world.

Unlimited consumption of energy led to the gradual exhaustion of natural resources and destruction of ecological systems. The constructions of hydro-electric power stations has followed inadequate strategies that brought to the degradation of large agricultural and sylvic surfaces. Creation of an united power engineering system on the entire space of the former Soviet Union has led to the danger that the system arbitrary could break off as a consequence of the selfish ambitions of some of the leaders of the union republics, fact that can have severe repercussions on the economy of the Republic of Moldova. In order to avoid this danger, the following actions are needed:

  • competent, national level examination of use of electric power;
  • elaboration of new technologies of energy conservation ;
  • promotion of technologies of recycling and re-use of industrial waste materials, raw materials etc.
  • liquidation of the monopoly of exploitation of the interconnected power engineering system of the former totalitarian state;
  • promotion of decentralized economic activities, support of small-size energy producing units, especially, of biogas, pyrrolize installations, small-size hydro-electric power stations, use of eolian energy and tide energy;
  • large-scale informatization of the public opinion and specialists on energy production and application of environmentally inoffensive power engineering solutions.

Agriculture, Forestry and Piscicultural Industry

The desire to increase the agricultural production at any price, has led to the application of intensive technologies with exaggerated consumption of chemical substances. In consequence, the soil and water have been severely affected. The unreasonable use of the pesticides had a degrading effect on the biocenosis and, besides, the fact that they have led to the disappearance of many animals and plants species, they have been very injurious to human health.

Additionally, during the last decades, in Moldova, there have been considerably extended the surfaces of tobacco plantations, this culture having a very noxious effect on the health of those implied in the branch: women, teen-agers, children.

The baneful effect of the periodical epidemics of large proportions, that take place at our huge zootechnical farms, have as a result the substantial reduction of the livestock. Severe problems also appear in linkage with the utilization of waste materials, very polluting in some of the industrial sectors.

The former totalitarian system has stimulated, by all means, hatred and contempt for agriculture, fact that led to a mass exodus of the young people from the villages into cities and towns. Precarious conditions of dwelling places, as well as the lack of culture, have led to mass proliferation of alcoholism among the young people, this moral and physical degradation hasn't been stopped yet. In order to ameliorate the critical situation in agriculture, the ecological party shall act to:

  • increase living standards and level of civilization of the rural population;
  • improvement of the agroalimentary products quality, by elaboration of new technologies that would exclude the exceeding use of chemicals and other polluting agents;
  • creation of small- and medium-size enterprises, with minimal noxious effects on the environment;
  • increase of remuneration of agricultural workers and provide of material incentives in the obtaining of agricultural products with a minimum content of nitrates and pesticides.


In our republic, during a long period of time, there was a defiant attitude towards forestry, and to nature, that has not lost its capacity to maintain life of many living beings and the balance of natural biocenoses. Diverse unreasonable governmental decrees led to the liquidation of many protective forest belts, of such a major importance for the maintenance of constant biocenoses, fact that has strongly aggravated the ecological situation. That is why the elaboration of new laws, assuring the protection of the remained forests, is of imminent necessity.

The main goal of forestry is the conservation of ecologically stable forests, with the specific, characteristic to diverse zones natural biocenoses. Taking this as a basis, the following actions are needed:

  • creation of new, specific to all Moldova zones, natural reservations;
  • increase of responsibility for the protection of forests ;
  • prohibition of use of chemical substances against pests, as, in the majority of cases, the use of chemicals leads to the gradual disappearance of the fauna;
  • recovery of forests that concur to air purification and water preserving.

Piscicultural Industry

As Moldova is not a maritime country, the piscicultural sector remains to be at a very low level of development, as there are only a few lakes in Moldova and a piscicultural heritage, inferior to consumption necessities. Besides, the outdated technologies, applied in the pisciculture, as well as the poaching concern the population and, especially, of the ecologists. Therefore we will take actions for:

  • extension and protection of fish ponds , located in the neighborhood of small rivers of the republic;
  • education of the republic population in the spirit of good management of the piscicultural stock;
  • modernization of pisciculture tools and improvement of the level of pisciculture, as a whole;
  • combating the poaching in the pisciculture zones with a prohibited fishing regime;
  • institution of a drastic control on the activity of the Moldova Society of Hunters and Fishermen.

Territorial Systematization and the Policy of Economic Units Emplacement

The extensive economic development, exaggerated concentration of industrial enterprises and urban centers, as factors that have aggravated the ecological crisis, cause gradual increase of distances between economic units and dwelling areas, rapid development of the traffic and an increased number of transportation means accidents, the offensive of "the concrete jungle". All these have severe negative consequences on people and environment.

In order to improve the created situation, the ecologists propose, in the establishing of directions of cities development, to pay a special attention to the following:

  • cities development should be effected in strong conformity with traditions of the population, geographical, climate and seismic peculiarities of the localities;
  • application and promotion of architectural solutions, compatible with the human, social and natural values , restriction in the construction of apartment houses;
  • conservation and restoration of the historical zones of urban centers;
  • restriction and prohibition of destruction and demolition of old buildings with a low degree of degrading;
  • preservation and increase of the small number of existing nowadays public gardens, enlarging the size of green spaces in towns and villages;
  • large use of electrical traction transport, giving priorities to railway traffic;
  • large scale application of new technologies and vehicles, contributing to the diminishing of noise and pollution of the environment;
  • stimulation of cycling as means of locomotion, adaptation of localities streets for cycling;
  • enlarging of pavements, arranging of underground pedestrian passages at overcrowded crossroads;
  • reduction of noise by using engines with a reduced level of noise, reduction of night traffic, use of protecting against noise windows panes, reduction of urban traffic and restrictions of car speed.

3. International Relations

Collaboration with the People in the World

The ecological policy, a concentrated expression of an ecological economy, can be efficiently promoted only in the conditions of concentrated efforts of all partners of the community of states, that have as an objective to survive in the conditions of an increasing ecological crisis. As the ecological crisis is not limited by national or any other kind of confines, the edification of a community of states is necessary, in order to fully concentrate on the policy of surviving.

According to the opinion of Moldova ecologists, this community must be based, first of all, on the ethnical and historical criteria, as it is the case of many states, on an identical pedoclimatic and geographical conditions, common traditions and language, as well as, on the will to survive in an ecological environment, appropriate to the existence of life. We act and require the edification of a common European house in which the Romanian people, equal people among equal people, will be able to exercise its historical mission. The ecologists consider as major the following actions:

  • elimination of tensions, or any separatism forms, in the interethnic relationships in the Republic of Moldova;
  • adhering and respect for the letter and spirit of the General Declaration on Human Rights;
  • prohibition of stocking and manufacturing of nuclear, chemical and biological arms;
  • declaring the Republic of Moldova a demilitarized zone and fighting for the creation of such zones in Europe;
  • withdrawal of all foreign military troops from the territories of other countries;
  • reduction of land areas for military maneuvers, ecological recultivation of the areas devastated as a result of these maneuvers;
  • elaboration of educative-informative programs in order to assure the involvement of the public opinion only in non-violent actions of protest;
  • encouraging the actions of anti-military and pacifist structures;
  • encouraging the alternative military service.

Promotion of an active policy of environmental-awareness of all the spheres of activities imposes the existence of a strong economical basis and a collaboration with all the members of the world economy market. Ecologists consider that the Republic of Moldova, an sovereign and independent state, with the objective of satisfying the increasing economical requirements of the society, has to promote an open economy policy, based on historical and ethnical relationships with the people of the world. Economic collaboration foresees actions of cooperation for the solution of severe environmental problems, elaboration of prospective technologies that would contribute to the ecological awareness in the spheres of activity, training specialists and development of scientific research, exchange of intellectual values etc.

International Politics

The ecologists of the Republic of Moldova consider that, in order to overcome the world ecological crisis situations and to solve the complex ecological problems of the world, a strong international collaboration is needed, eventually, in the frames of the United Nations Organization, that, through its specialized institutions, UNESCO, could constitute official international means to guarantee peace and right to self-determination of all the people, and coordination of efforts taken to solve global issues, as:

  • ensuring the access of the states to the disarmament treaties and control on weapons sales;
  • establish of a rigorous control on human rights observance;
  • extension of science research and increase of investments for the re-planting forests in all the countries, especially in the countries with humid tropical climate, protection of the planetary ocean against pollution , substantial increase of fish production, stopping the thinning of the ozone layer, restricting the degradation processes of soil, protection of the world genetic fund etc;
  • control and protection of the cosmic space, prevention of its militarizing.

4. Environment and Natural Resources

Environmental Protection

The existence of human beings as a component part of nature is possible only in a natural environment that corresponds to the requirements of human evolution. The effects on the environment, caused by the extermination of many species of plants and animals, leads to the deterioration of natural balance, fact that substantially decreases the survival capacity of humans.

The ecologists firmly express their negative attitude towards the irresponsible behavior referring to soil, water and air; the barbarian extermination of the vegetation, and its use in commercial purposes, reduction of the number of species of plants and animals as a result of the destruction of ecological niches, abusive use of biocides. We are concerned about the constant increase of gamma radiation level, by the degradation of the ozone layer, climate changes, as well as other global phenomena, determined by the unreasonable activity of human beings. We consider as one of our main principles to raise environmental awareness of the population. Our policy of ecological informing and instructing of the people must replace the nowadays way of thinking, based on obtaining profits as first priority. There should be put an end to the devastating of nature, in order to ensure the survival and existence of humans. In order to attain these purposes, the ecologists require to:

  • establish a rigorous control on enterprises and organizations, polluting the environment, and exclude the cases of emanating of unprocessed waste materials;
  • protect and plant new forests and forest belts, in order to protect the fields;
  • practice the waste materials processing and their transforming in raw materials;
  • prohibit the import of toxic waste or radioactive materials from other regions or countries;
  • conserve and recover the important national ecosystems as: lakes, swamp areas and swamps, exclude the emplacement of storage for waste materials of any nature;
  • enlargement of green spaces in localities and their surroundings.


In the conditions of industrialized society, at every eight-ten year periods, water consumption is doubled. The increasing pollution caused by a large scale use of biocides and flows of industrial and domestic waste materials have led to a strong reduction of rivers flows and lakes on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. All these, and the lack of measures with the view to conserve water resources, bad observance of the legislation that refers to the use of water resources in agriculture, have led to an substantial reduction of phreatic water quantities.

For the protection of water, the following measures are considered to be necessary:

  • a rigorous expertise of all the projects, supposing the use of water resources;
  • improvement of the legislation on water protection. Increased penalties, applied to persons and economic units that do not observe the stipulations of the Water Code;
  • replacement, in the zootechnical sector, of hydraulic methods of waste elimination by technologies of dry elimination of waste material;
  • stimulating the use of ecological technologies, use of filtered and recycled water;
  • creation of separate drinking and technological water supplies, in order to avoid the wrong use of drinking water;
  • conservation of river beds and sanitary zones of the rivers in their original natural form.

Soil and Natural resourses

The soil and natural resources, intermediate components between the atmosphere and biosphere, have severely suffered, directly or indirectly, from certain human activities. Intensive development of agriculture, massive extraction of natural resources, massive construction of dwelling spaces, soil erosion and its intoxication with diverse industrial and domestic wastes, the continuous fertility decrease of the soil - all these are aspects of the degradation process of soil and of maximum high necessities of the population, as practically, where there is a lack of the main natural resources and the exploitation of soil exceeds any reasonable limits, the problem of soil and natural sources protection become very sharp.

Our opinion is that only development of a judicious action, confirmed by an appropriate exploitation practice, can ensure the maintenance and continuous increase of its fertility. Stopping the dangerous tendencies of soil degradation and sustaining the increase of soil fertility, are possible if the next conditions are followed:

  • transition from the extensive to the intensive way of soil exploitation, that foresees not only rapid obtaining of profits, but also an increase of its profitability;
  • strict observance of the stipulations of the Land Code of the Republic of Moldova;
  • development of organizational measures, in order to increase the efficiency of soil and natural resources;
  • intensification of measures against soil erosion , by using diverse agrotechnical , hydrotechnical and other means;
  • elaboration and strict application of land cadaster and an increased responsibility for its non-observance, as well as the non-observance of the Land Code;
  • centralized planning of the activities of eroded soils recultivating and extraction of natural resources.


The atmosphere, as a component part of the biosphere, in which the man humans develops his productive activity, is constantly polluted by huge quantities of toxic gases, liquids and solid particles. Accumulation of toxic elements, appearance of smogs in localities and synergism between different toxic substances, have contributed to the appearance of unbearable life conditions, to toxic infiltrations in the alimentary substratum, fact that has led to an increased number of illnesses. We can attain a n amelioration of the atmospheric air only in the case of:

  • the use by the economic agents of liquid and gas combustible instead of the solid one;
  • improvement of control of air quality;
  • efficient measures for the reduction of the quantity of noxious substances, resulted from industrial enterprises activities, transport means and heating systems;
  • carrying out of studies on reducing the quantity of waste materials in the atmosphere;
  • restriction of petrol use and its replacement by gas; use of efficient filters for automobile transport means and industrial units;
  • prohibition of plants treatment by agricultural aircraft.

Flora and Fauna

Strong change of environment conditions, transition to a high proportion of agrocelloses, unreasonable actions and interventions have led to the disappearance of many species of plants and animals. There is a permanent increase of the number of species, endangered to dissapear from the face of the earth. Stopping of this phenomenon can become a reality in the following conditions:

  • maintenance and recovery of rare biotypes, returning them in the circuit of bioceloses, and adapting of extremely valuable species of plants and animals;
  • protection of wild animals and spontaneous flora plants and conservation of the environment of their existence;
  • prohibition of collecting plants and the hunting of exotic animals, as well as the commercialising of the products, resulting from these species;
  • elaboration of systems of agricultural plant protection. Chemical methods again illnesses and pests will be gradually changed by biological methods and other alternative methods of plant protection;
  • enlarging of systems of natural rezervations, of protected territories and public gardens of flora and fauna protection;
  • increasing the prestige of ecological organizations and agents;
  • instituting of an appropriate control on assocoations of hunters; establishing of an increased responsibility for the observance of the stipulations of the Regulation on Hunting and Plant Collecting from Spontaneous Flora.

5. Persons, Society, State

Democracy and Rights

The creation of a state, based on the constitutional right of the persons to self-determination, is needed. Only in case of a strict observance of the adopted laws, the human society can break this dead-lock. The purpose of these laws is to protect human rights, regulating the persons' attitude to the environment. Our actions in this respect will be:

  • observance of the principles of the General Declaration on Human Rights;
  • adoptation of a Constitution and laws based on human rights;
  • popularization of ecological laws ;
  • operative and objective informing of the citizens on the ecological situation;
  • participation of the citizens in open democratic elections, in the adoption of laws to rule the national life of the society;
  • right to demonstrations, the right to free opinion and the right of participation in social-political organizations;
  • guarantee to members of the Ecological Movement and the Ecological Party the right to state their opinions, to raise proposals at their working places.

The Rights of Children and Teen-Agers

The brisk life pace does not permit the parents to pay proper attention to their children and teen-agers, this fact leading to a rapid degrading of the young generation.

Lately, many factors have appeared to negatively influence the normal growth of children and teen-agers. Among these, the most pressing factors are: alcoholism, narcotics consumption, pesticides. Besides, negative influence of the communist ideology of the last decades, had as a consequence the fact that new generations lost the spirit of a correct attitude towards work, their behaviour leaves much to be desired, they do not follow ideals, anchored on realities. Our duty is to radically change the attitude of the adults towards children and teen-agers.We will militate for:

  • increase of the parents' and pedagogues' responsibility for the education of the new generations;
  • allowances to large families;
  • improvement of instructive-education conditions in pre-school education units, schools, higher education institutions, that will permit improvement of educational level of the young generation ;
  • improvement of professional level of the specialists, responsible for the education of children and teen-agers;
  • a special attention should be paid to entertainments and spare time of young generation.

Scientifical Research

Amelioration of the complicated ecological situation can take place in case of effecting scientifical research and applying the research results in all spheres of activity. The technical-scientifical progress is a real productive force , due to which new materials appeared and advanced methods and technologies have been elaborated.

Rapid application of research results has contributed to the elaboration of new technologies, that led to the increase of agricultural productivity and increased automation degree of industrial processess, this also had negative consequences: affection of ecological balance, massive accumulations of noxious substances, appearance of glass house effect , disappearance of many of plants and animals etc., all these led to the worsening of the quality of human health and negative changes in the human genetic code. On the basis of these considerations, we will act for:

  • increase of scientifical research level in ecology, through using modern methods and lines of action;
  • stimulating scientifical research and fructification of the results of collaboration between biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics etc.
  • elaboration of express-methods of identification of substances, participanting in the natural balance;
  • application of efficient technologies for the convertion of agricultural and industrial products in other natural components.


The current disastruous ecologic situation reflects the general cultural level of the population. The former totalitarian regime has strongly influenced not only the culture of the whole society, but of every individual person, too. The ecologic situation can be improved as a result of a higher degree of civilization; in order to increase it, the next directions shoud be followed:

  • adopt a complex program of familization of the population with universal cultura achievements at all stages of human evolution;
  • stimulation of the revival of national and patriotic consciousness, a larger development of scientific research in ecology and nation protection;
  • supporting of culture and public organizations, for the sake of improving the degree of civilisation.


The totalitarian system has educated the young generation in the spirit of indifference and lack of responsibility for the surrounding world, stimulating the individualism that did not unite, but separated. This led to the increase of the criminality and appearance of spite against honest work, as a consequence of which the productivity of labour has decreased.

The indifference towards the environment and natural resourses became defining.

Firm measures should be taken in order to radically change the people's attitude to the nature. In this context, a special role is devolved upon the ecological party that, together with other ecologist movements, shall militate for:

  • education of the society members in the spirit of respect towards environment and good management of natural resourses;
  • increase of the people responsibility for nature, instructing them and developping a new concept on life;
  • introduction in schools of lectures on history of religion, fact that will have a beneficient influence on the education of children in the spirit of nature protection and morality;
  • increase of ecological culture level;
  • participation of teachers, parents and pupils in school ruling ;
  • organization of school education in small groups and subgroups;
  • support of social-political activities of the students and pupils, paying special attention to higher general culture and protection of environment.

Health and Environment

Humans, as a superior ideological species, has the obligation to protect nature with all its elements. But, having not been educated in this spirit, the people show interest only for material assets around them, as object of exploitation for there personal,egoistical interest. This point of view has governed till recently the human-nature relationships, characterised by an utilitarian and even barbarian attitude towards the environment.The use of unadeduate technologies had as a consequence certain phenomena with a strong negative influence on human health.

There is a significant increase in the number of illnesses, every fourth decease being caused by cancer as a result of of the environment pollution. Regretfully, the longevity has a tendency of continuing decrease, Moldova occupying on one of the last places in Europe.

An important role has the preventive medicine: it has the duty to objectively inform the population on the real state of things.

Being fully aware of the fact that the illnesses, the society faces, are caused by social conditions and environment conditions, there should be elaborated a special program to improve this situation. In this aspect we will militate for:

  • elimination of the causes of environment pollution by rejecting the technologies that cause products with noxious effect on people health and environment;
  • competent analysis of food products quality, in view of identification of nitrates and other noxious substances quantities;
  • ensuring of diet food products and children nourishment good quality, due to reduction of chemical ingredients content;
  • observance of ecological criteria in insecticide treatment of plants and illnesses;
  • improvement of activities against smoking and alcoholism, among other measures, the restricting the comercialization of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks;
  • increase of the persons' responsibility for their own health;
  • promoting sports among the population of all ages;
  • improvement of working conditions;
  • opening of small hospitals in urban and rural background, in vicinity of the people domicile. A large use of traditional popular medical treatment, with an accompanying reduction of chemical medicines use;
  • improvement of the health statistics system.

Right to History and Spiritualness

The existence of a state is possible only in the conditions of a common space, appropriate to the requirements of the persons, historical traditions and the spiritualness of the people. Concrete historical conditions and political conjuncture, that appeared between different states, have substantially impeded civilised development of Moldova, as a result of this, producing a flagrant falsification of the history. We underline that the ecological situation as a factor, intervining in human-nature relationships, depends, to a great extent, on the human spiritualness. On the basis of this, the Ecological Party calls for:

  • recognizing of all the rights comprised in the General Declaration on Human Rights;
  • elaborating and adopting laws to concur in the unchaining of consciousness, for multilateral development of human personality;
  • creation of equal conditions for the activity of all the parties, social-political and of other nature.

We are firmly convinced that all the actions in the ecological sphere must perfectly conform to the laws of life evolution on the Earth, these laws reflecting objective realities. We are conscious of the fact, that we represent part of nature, and that wellfare and health of the human beings are in a close dependence on the state of the whole biosphere. No problems, either political, or economical, can be solved outside the biosphere, any change in the material universe causes corresponding changes in the spiritual universe, and vice versa.

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