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Party of Law and Justice


The supreme values of every citizen, as well as every democratic country, represent:

  1. The power - to the law! The supremacy of the law, not of the functionary.
  2. The human life, human rights, respect for individual.
  3. Family and state welfare.
  4. Ensured welfare for elderly people.
  5. A happy future for the children.

Our republic is in a complicated social-political situation. The people continue to bear the social-economic crisis, the crisis of law. The suffering, misfortune, poverty, isolation of the people have affected nearly all the families. Large population masses are living in conditions of poverty, and a considerable part of them - in a vivid misery. The people are freezing in their houses because of the lack of heat and electrical power, many of them suffer from hunger and the lack of clothes. It is quite indignant the situation of the elderly people, teachers, doctors, young people, children and other socially non-protected categories of the people.

The level of salaries and pensions of many categories of Moldova population is deliberately lagged behind the officially established subsistence living standards, and the permanent delay of pensions, salaries, material aid payments is creating and deepening social tension and indignation of the society.

The economical reforming of the country through its ruining, aiming at an easier redistribution of the property of the whole people to a certain small group of people, the deterioration of living standards have led to a threatening criminality increase, organized corruptibility of the authorities in force. The authorities are contaminated with the virus of bribery. Public authorities of all levels are affected by corruption. Corruption and organized crime began to threaten the existence of the Republic of Moldova as an independent country.

The authorities in power got accustomed to this state of things, when the country that has proclaimed itself a constitutional democracy, is being transformed in an instrument of criminal structures.

In the conditions of the social-economic crisis that becomes more and more deep, the state bases are shattered, real possibilities for the formation of a large and stable middle class - lost, there is a strong requirement of a social-political center movement, capable enough to guarantee support of the interests of the people in an active fight against the corrupted functionaries in power.

The Goal of the Party

Fighting for power, in the name and benefit of the person, very resolutely, ardently, using all the means and methods granted by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and legislation in force, by the President, Parliamentary and local elections.

In order to attain the assumed goal, it is necessary to:

  1. pay the salary debts to the budgetary system employees, "without putting to function the printing machine".
  2. give real help to those in need. The social assistance must reach concrete people. In order to diminish the difference between living standards of the rich and the poor, the adoption of a law, protecting the poorest strata of the population, is needed.
  3. develop the national industry by means of advantageous credits - "to revive the village". In order to do that, we have to reduce railway transport, gas and electric power tariffs for industrial consumers.
  4. sustain the local initiative, the freedom of province initiatives, to ensure taxes payments by the economic agents in their territories, in order that local money are not transferred to the banks of the country capital.
  5. liquidate the roots of corruption, to establish a severe control on the activity of civil servants, they being hired on a competition basis.
  6. "oblige" the state to act in an honest way - within its means. In this case the State machinery will cost cheaper the taxpayers.
  7. be absolutely transparent and open as to the activity of the Government and Parliament.
  8. any citizen has the right to be informed on the movements of the Government and legislative organs.
  9. We will not recede, and will not permit the people be misled. The party shall fulfil its assumed tasks. The interests of all the population groups will be coordinated and protected. The order shall be established in the country!
  10. permanently act with the view to instruct the people and to actively propagate the party Program, to obtain mandates in the Parliament, as well as in local public administration organs throughout the country.
  11. not admit incompetent, unprofessional persons or those persons who are not inclined to the needs of the people, to be elected or appointed in the Parliament and other public authorities organs. To exclude the cases of appointing people to occupy high posts on the principles of nepotism, family relationships, thirst for power of those, who want to become rich by misusing of high positions, they hold, and making abuse of State power.
  12. bring into force the obligatory reception/acceptance by governing officials (state servants) of people's complaints and establish strict responsibilities for the consideration of these complaints in the established by law time terms.
  13. oblige the State high authorities and civil servants to work in the benefit of the people, honestly, with responsibility, competence and professionalism. The observance of the law should be obligatory for the authorities, law infringements should lead to their removal from their posts.
  14. create, in a short time period, an exact and strict legislation system that would ensure, in the first place, the inevitability of the punishment of any legislation offence.
  15. fight in a merciless way, against the criminality, bribery and corruption. The fight should refer both - highest State authorities, and local level authorities.

Considering the present social-political situation, the party proposes, as a way out of the crisis, the following program:

I. Political Tasks

1. The party shall develop a sustained activity in order that the adopted legislation act in the benefit of the person, not to his/her detriment. The supremacy of the law, not of the functionaries, must dominate over the society.

In order to succeed in getting mandates in the supreme and local organs of power, we should have an active participation in the parliamentary and local elections.

We have to influence, in an active way, the selection and appointing of leaders of state structures, putting a strong accent on high professionalism and good personality.

For succeeding in getting Parliament mandates, we have to be very active in the explanation of our vision to the people, so that they understand and support the policy of our movement.

II. Economic and Poverty Reducing Issues, Development of Industry, Social Equity

In the conditions of state reforming, development of private property and transition to market economy, the party has the scope:

1. To sustain the economic reform and development of all forms of property. To contribute to the development of private, legal business on a competition basis. Those who became and are still becoming rich illegitimately, by committing frauds and betrayal of the country, misusing the power and the imperfection of laws, privatizing the property of the whole people, continuing to exploit the labor of the people for their personal interests, must be stopped and undergo punishment. This shall be done, together with state justice organs, by a special state service responsible for the control over super-incomes and privatization legitimacy of large industrial and agricultural units. To establish a state control over large enterprises and some industrial complex husbandry. At present, only the state is able to stop economy destruction and accelerate industrial development. Large enterprises must be restructured in smaller, but viable, groups of enterprises.

2. Unemployed persons consider that they are not appreciated at their real value and are rejected by the state. That is why one of our tasks is to create new jobs and reduce the unemployment rate down to 5%.

To attract investments into prospective industrial branches. To establish the price parity of industrial goods that are necessary for agriculture (tractors, combines, lubricants, equipment, fertilizers etc.).

3. To improve the process of reforming of agricultural enterprises in peasant husbandry and associations, to establish concrete terms of performing the agricultural reform and create real activity conditions for those who really want to grow agricultural products. Agricultural work must be performed by those with gifted by God.

4. Agricultural surfaces to be distributed to peasants for their lifetime, with the right to be inherited by their heirs, the agricultural land should become available for sale and purchase. To obtain the adopting of a law, permitting the marketing of agricultural land to foreigners, in the scope of building enterprises of processing agricultural raw materials, scientific and medical institutions.

5. To equalize, compulsory and urgently, the status of physicians, as well as other representatives of village intelligentsia.

6. To implement in the country the monopoly of collecting agricultural products from the arable lands that belong to the state.

7. To reach the run up of local industry. In order to achieve this, to reduce the railway transportation, gas and electric power tariffs for industrial consumers. The development of industry must outrun the development of agriculture.

8. The credit policy of the state has to be changed and the priority of receiving credits must belong, first of all, to the economic units investing in economy development, especially in prospective industrial branches, as well as in enterprises of agricultural processing. To revive the village by offering of preferential credits.

9. To have a mutually advantageous and efficient collaboration with both - the East, and the West, to practice a well-balanced approach problems solving, avoiding one-sided thinking.

10. To establish a perfect fiscal system, by liquidation of all contradictions, confusions, chaos in the fiscal and customs legislation. The fiscal system must be flexible, based on a differentiated approach, protecting the small and medium producer. The most unprotected groups of the society must enjoy fiscal facilities.

11. To avoid the inefficient Added Value Tax (AVT), at present sly persons avoid it, honest persons are crushed down by it.

12. To apply a simple, but obvious tax on incomes, that would really correspond to the incomes. This would guarantee permanent resources in the budget and will cease the hiding of incomes and the non-payment of taxes on part of the people.

13. For the infringement of fiscal legislation - severe material punishment, in case of repeated infringement - penal punishment. The main documents (for submitting to state control organs) shall be the receipt of fiscal tax payment - for entrepreneur activity, declaration of incomes - for physical and juridical persons. Honest and responsible people do not have anything to be afraid of. Only those who tend to enrich by roguery, fraud, by parasitical exploitation of the population, shall be punished.

14. Illegally privatized real estate and fortune of any kind, money resources, securities, will be confiscated by the state and distributed to support children, young people, poor, disabled persons and other non-protected categories of people.

15. For reducing the prices of industrial and consumer goods, and the improvement of the process of their sale, for the support of the producer and liquidation of the commerce dictate, a limit of 10% should be established as a commercial super-price for the goods, sold on commission conditions, and a commercial super-price of 30%, in case the commercial unit effects a prepayment for the products delivered by the producers and other citizens.

16. To improve the customs legislation, so that the citizens and economic agencies are aware of their rights and obligations, to establish very clear customs formalities and customs taxes procedures, in order to do away with cases of abuse, of extortion of money and of bribes on part of the custom-house offices. Bribe-takers must be punished - up to 10 years of imprisonment.

17. The pensions should be indexed in one year period to all the pensioners who, at the moment when the bank deposits have been devaluated, were at the age of 60 (men) and 55 (women). Pensions must be paid in time, without delays. Persons, found guilty of payments delays (one month delays), shall be committed for trial, the punishment being up to 10 years of imprisonment, as the pension is the sole income of elderly people. To have a 70%-increase of teachers, doctors wages, students' scholarships and money allowances of the policemen.

18. To lend real assistance to all those in need, i.e. to lend social assistance to concrete people. With the purpose of reducing the differences between the rich and the poor, to elaborate a law protecting the poorest population groups.

19. To establish the state monopoly on production and sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products, as well as other super-solicited or valuable profitable goods. These resources to be used for restitution of the population deposits.

20. To "teach" the state to live within its means. The number of ministries must be not larger than seven.. Having accomplished this, the next stage will be the redundancy of the personnel. In this case the taxpayers will have to pay less for the state machinery. Civil servants will be hired on a competition basis. As to Embassies and Consulates, their number is too large for a small country like Moldova. We shall be understood abroad, if their number will be diminished.

21. To give goal-oriented single-credits, for a 25 year period, to village young families - for the construction of dwelling houses for young teachers, doctors and specialists in other economy branches, to those who, after having graduated from higher education institutions, return back to live in the village.

22. Young people who have completed their higher education studies on a contract basis, to be granted ten-year period credits.

In the conditions of economic crisis and increasing poverty, the party:

1. shall strive to increase the salary to cover at least the average consumption basket and for the annual indexation of population bank savings and for the non-stipulated comply with the Government obligations, in respect of allowances for pensioners, disabled people, poor people, students and pupils.

2. shall oblige the Government to cease numerous autocracy deeds in the rise in prices for food alimentary products and communal services.

3. shall not admit the acceptance of pension reform, that foresees a 5-year step-up of the retirement age for men, as well as for women. A categorical "No!".

4. will obtain the adoption of a law providing free medical assistance to war invalids, disabled workers, disabled children and guaranteeing these categories of people discounts in purchase of the medicines.

5. to support the Governmental Program of gradual implementation of a system of medical social insurance, of health system general reform with the purpose to ensure all the citizens, indifferently of their social state and level of incomes, accessible and good quality free medical assistance.

6. shall guarantee to pensioners reduction in communal services payments and ensure sick pensioners, through the "Veteranul" network of shops, food products at state prices.

7. pensioners, invalids, orphans who have very low living standards, shall be guaranteed minimal pensions, not less than 60-70% of the established subsistence level. Unemployment allowances will be not less than minimum pension levels, allowances for re-qualifying/re-training in a new profession - not less than 80% of the minimum salary.

8. a specialized Government program of the integration of disabled people in the society (i.e. education and creation of jobs for these groups of people) will be elaborated.

9. village cultural institutions (clubs, libraries), as well as village kindergartens, will be revived. The payments for the children, as well as the salaries of the kindergarten staff, will be effected by the state.

10. in every county (district), town, (town or city area, ) there will exist a state unit to sell medicines at guaranteed advantageous prices to pensioners, disabled persons and poor layers of the population.

11. there will be restored the roads of communication linking villages (communes) and district centers. The main republic road lines and capital communication lines will be improved to correspond to European standards. The state transport network will be restored in the districts of the republic. Disabled persons, war veterans and pensioners will be guaranteed transport discounts.

12. because of the high unemployment rate, many people are forced to leave the country and migrate abroad with the purpose of a better living. The solution of this problem is the restoring of former economic links, creation of new jobs, reviving the economy - the only basis, on which the population, especially its most vulnerable part, can be protected.

13. shall use any possibility to restore, on a new basis, the social insurance programs of secondary and higher education for the children from poor families, as well as free health assistance, minimal pension, and minimum consumer expenses.

14. will revive, in a compulsory way, the existent asylums and will open new asylums for very old people and lonely pensioners.

15. Will ensure free school lunches for children from poor families, as well as free transportation by specialized school buses for these children.

16. Taking into account the extremely severe demographic situation in the country, prevailing of mortality over birth rate, the party will oblige the Government to adopt a complex of measures for reviving the number of population, creation of favorable conditions for the wealth of young families, as well as for the for the social, material and juridical protection of large families, free medical assistance for pregnant women, organization and revival of specialized instruction and education senatorial institutions, compulsory reorganizing of summer rest camps for children.

17. Social Equity

It is in the family. where people strongly feel inflation (even if some of them do not understand the word) and find relief when prices are cut down. The family is the first to suffer from inflation, unemployment, delays in salaries payments.

The family suffers from misery and payment delays of small pensions and scholarships, from the lack of living-space, high criminality in the streets and autocracy of the functionaries.

At the first stage of reform, when the catastrophic conditions, inherited by us, had a decisive influence on our lives, two circumstances hampered the development of an active policy of supporting families.

First - the restricted state money resources. It is necessary to remember that all the efforts for the liquidation of these restrictions had as a result a brusque increase in prices and reduction of real family budget, especially, of the most unprotected layers of the population.

Second - the low efficiency of state power bodies activity. The weak organizing of the circulation of budget money resources, the so-called "without address" use of the money (i.e. very often - a direct embezzlement), the widespread practice of evading of tax payments - all these have led to a more severe restriction of available budget resources.

The first real successes in economy, in financial stabilization, make it possible to effect the first steps of an active social policy. "The offensive" taken against inflation was a success. Now we have to proceed to an "offensive" against low living standards. Transition to the investment stage of economic policy gives possibilities to improve the real living standards not only of certain social groups, but of the whole population, that leads to the reduction in social differences of Moldova society. Consolidation of the Moldovan state, harmonization of its organizing structures inspire hope in a future success, despite the so many problems we face.

18. System of Minimum Living Standards

There shall be adopted state minimum social standards and state social guarantees in the sphere of consumption, health protection, education, culture.

The system of minimum living standards system comprises two levels:

  • the minimum standards, compulsory for the whole territory of Moldova ( responsibility of republican level authorities);
  • regional living standards, higher than the republican ones (the higher level is assured by local budgets, extra -budgetary resources and others).

The structure of minimum living standards of republican level comprises:

  • salary amounts;
  • pension amounts;
  • emergency financial assistance;
  • free general services in the sphere of education, health protection and culture.

At republican level, there should be continued the former financial assistance to pregnant women and newly-made mothers, emergency assistance, etc.

At local level, to the established republican living standards, additional financial assistance is established, in conformity with the economic realities of the concrete district. Besides, in the competence of local organs should be the whole nomenclature and concrete amounts of grants offered to large families.

In order to establish the competence delimitation in the social policy sphere between republican and local authorities, a social contract should be concluded between the republican bodies and local authorities, on the social policy principles, purposes and mechanisms.

The priority in financing and material assurance of the minimum living standards are possible both, at the republican level and at local levels, coping with the following requirements:

  • compulsory (by the force of the law) inclusion, in all levels budgets, of the expenses for the maintenance of the social-cultural sphere, at the nowadays amounts, their exclusion from the budget being prohibited;
  • detailed delimitation of the financed objects, these being distributed to budgets of different levels;
  • devising transfers (budget lines from the republican and local budgets) - by using the system of state minimum standards in public education, culture, medical assistance, as a basis for determining the amount of the subsidies for the territorial units of the Republic of Moldova.

It is extremely important to restore the citizens' trust in the state, and first of all, to lessen the situation of the most vulnerable from the social point of view groups of people.

The adoption of laws, regulating the situation of various categories of population - laws on war veterans, state system of protection of mother and child, "Children of Moldova" state program, Family Code, the indexation of allowances to families with children.

Effective measures are highly needed in the constructions of apartments for the put in reserve militaries.

The support of the refugees and of the people living temporally here, development of the system of social adaptation of disabled persons, reduced prices medicines for pensioners and disabled persons, increase in students' scholarships and creation of jobs for the graduates from institutions of higher education - all these measures are very important for the society.

19. Securing Jobs

The key-targets of the labor market policy are a high use of labor force, assurance of availability of permanent jobs, obviation of causes impeding this process. That's just the direction, the state departments of labor forces put a strong accent in the development of their activity.

There is a strong necessity of elaboration and adopting, by a Government decision, of a long-term State Program of Use of Labor Forces.

Our policy foresees preventing measures taken with the purpose of stopping massive unemployment, protection of citizens' labor rights, organizing of negotiation processes at enterprises.

By certain administrative and economic measures we shall stimulate the enterprises interest in the creation of new jobs.

The social protection of the person, discharged as a result of enterprise insolvency or its structural reform, will be effected, taking into account the employees family situation, family dependants, number of the children in the family.

It is very important to elaborate efficient mechanisms of stopping hidden unemployment. Decisions will be taken to protect employees of the liquidated enterprises, development of an assurance system against unemployment, organizing of refresher courses, regulation of labor litigation.

To elaborate a state social-economic and scientific-technical program, the realization of which will positively influence the situation on the labor market, the mentioned program will be subject to a compulsory expertise of Labor Force Republican Service.

We shall contribute to the improvement of labor force use by supporting the small and medium business, by organizing of temporary/provisional jobs and supporting the development of individual work, family enterprise and farming activity, by intensive re-instruction of the people, including those to be discharged. In order to diminish the unemployment level, we consider as necessary the following:

  • dismissal allowances in the amount of three months average salaries should be paid to persons, discharged from enterprises, institutions and organizations, in the result of staff redundancy, liquidation or reorganization of these;
  • the Code of Labor project must put a special accent on the responsibility of the employers for mass dismissing of the employees and on preventing in advance the Labor Force Service and trade unions on the supposed dismissing;
  • to elaborate specialized labor force support programs for the people with restricted possibilities on the labor market, offering to employers compensations for their expenses in organizing special jobs for disabled persons, for special instructive jobs for the young people, establishing of the practice of subsidized use of labor force.;
  • to improve the guarantees of using the labor force on the labor market for the employees, originating from families that necessitate an increased social protection (one parent families and large families, families of pensioners and disabled persons) by creation of specialized jobs for this category of the population, of guaranteed professional training, fiscal payment facilities etc. to enterprises using their work;
  • To take additional measures in order to pay scholarships and allowances to the unemployed during the period of re-instructing and adaptation to the new job.

Besides, we plan to elaborate measures that would change the structure of use of the labor force, first of all, in favor of services sphere, programs supporting small enterprises, of training and re-training specialists (including those to be dismissed), as well as specialized programs of displacement of discharged employees in new developed branches. Special programs will be elaborated to regulate the labor force circulation.

We intend to stimulate the establishment of efficient regional markets of labor force.

A number of programs to regulate internal social-economic migration and, first of all, programs dealing with displacement of employees from regions with bad living conditions:

  • to increase, from 20% to 30%, the quota the resources of the State Fund for Labor Force Use, with the purpose to a more operative distribution of resources on the territory of the republic, granting a more considerable financial aid to areas with critical labor markets;
  • distribution, on a competition basis, of resources, collected in centralized funds, for the creation of new jobs in the areas of the republic. Here, the priority will be given to the territories with the highest level of "labor tension", including the places with a traditional concentration of "the old branches";
  • to grant fiscal facilities to certain republic districts, as a support of enterprises, considered to be bankrupt, and for the measures necessary to be taken for the re-orientation of the mentioned enterprises.

In the international labor migration we plan:

  • to contribute to the realization of the Moldovan citizens' right to practice their professional activity abroad. In order to achieve this, a complex of issues of political, juridical and organizational character are needed in order to create a reliable system of social protection of Moldova people, during their work abroad, as well as after their returning back to Moldova.

A huge importance is attributed to social partnership development The social partnership is one of the main mechanisms in the obtaining of society conciliation and compromise between the employees' and employers' representatives, who, under the aegis of the state, jointly elaborate and realize the main decisions in the social- economic sphere. Our priorities in the sphere of social partnership are:

  • improvement of the mechanism of collective and contract regulation of labor social relationships and increased efficiency of social partnership, oriented to collaboration and co-ordination of interests of the market economy main subjects - employers and employees;
  • accelerated adopting of the new Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova and other draft bills relating with labor relationships, these documents must put an accent on the increased responsibility of the employers for the observance of labor legislation and labor protection, the prevention of labor conflicts;
  • creation in the cities and districts of the country of associations (unions) of employers to assure their mandates, protection of employees, of their economic and labor relations, full responsibility for the assumed obligations.

We shall permanently tend that social partnership activity develop without conflicts and lead to conciliation, that all conflicts would be settled by the authorized organs in the domain.

There will be intensified the control on the improvement of labor conditions and labor protection, the observance of the collective and individual labor agreements. For the achievement of this, we plan:

  • to elaborate and operate a stipulation mechanism of assurance of labor protection, that would determine the entrepreneur to invest resources in the improvement of labor conditions and, by this, to reduce the number of labor accidents;
  • to create a state system of labor protection with clearly determined tasks and functions of all participants in the process of labor protection ensuring, its financial resources and terms of financing;
  • to pass to a new order rule (system) of compensation of caused to employees losses, as mutilation, professional diseases, state social insurance of employees in case of labor accidents and professional diseases.

20. Policy of Incomes and of Reduction of Differentiation of Material Levels

The policy in the sphere of the population incomes shall be oriented towards the solution of the following main tasks:

  • assurance of economically substantiated growth of the incomes originating from labor activity;
  • contribution to the growth of incomes originating from the property and labor activity, creation of economic and juridical mechanisms to stimulate the use of these incomes in the investments and crediting of certain social programs, procurement of state securities;
  • increase, proportionally to the consuming prices increase, of the incomes, payment tariffs and salaries of the employees working in the budget system;
  • increase of the role of agreements on tariffs and collective and economic agreements, of the branches, of categories of employees.

To take clear steps in the increasing of incomes of the most unprotected groups of population and in the minimizing of the differentiation between the minimal values of salaries and pensions and minimum subsistence level.

It is important to specially underline the necessity of introducing of poverty allowances, granted by the state budget resources. Allowances must be paid to those unable to assure themselves a minimum subsistence level. In the official methodology of calculation of minimum subsistence level the following corrections should be introduced:

  • to increase the expenses quota of the minimum subsistence budget for the procurement of indispensable non-alimentary goods, as for the most unprotected population groups the normative terms for clothes, shoes etc. and normative exploitation terms for the most common goods of long-term use (TV-sets, radio-sets, refrigerators) have expired;
  • taking into account the permanent growing prices for medicines, house rent and communal services, to effect the corresponding modifications in the structure of expenses of the minimum subsistence budget;
  • to define more accurately the content of minimum consumption price and the minimal living standard.

The main purpose of the incomes policy is the gradual improvement of living standards of the population.

In the elaboration of the incomes policy we shall start with the principal that labor payments and incomes, originating from labor activities, is the main component part of the population incomes. That will permit to assure a high level of labor activity and, consequently, the welfare of the citizens and whole society.

There must be certain artificial/imposed restrictions in the settlement of labor payment system in the conditions of market relations, free formation of goods and services prices. Besides, it is necessary that the state would influence on the creation of financial resources for labor payments at enterprises, as well as on regulation of labor payments from the budgets of all levels. Our policy in the labor remuneration is oriented at solving the following main severe problems:

  • timely revising of the minimum labor remuneration level, revising of salaries tariffs and of salaries of the budget sphere employees;
  • assuring state guarantees in the labor remuneration sphere, by elaborating the mechanism of determining the employers to observe a minimum of guarantees in the labor remuneration, timely effected salary payments and observance of compensation norms provided for the organization of labor and created conditions of labor;
  • maintenance of rational relations between salaries in the private sector of economy and the salaries paid in the institutions of health protection, education, science, culture and other branches, by salaries indexation, effected on the basis of the unified tariff scale; inadmissibility of salaries delays in the branches of the budget system;
  • establishing, as a social guarantee, the system of minimal compulsory by the hour payment;
  • creation of minimum salary volumes (additional to those established by the state), as well as of payment tariffs, salaries, categories, on the grounds of bilateral negotiations between employers and employees representatives;
  • co-ordination of students scholarships to the minimum subsistence level, its essential increase, inadmissibility of its reduction;
  • liquidation of unfounded difference between salaries levels of various branches, as well as various categories of employees; on the basis of concluded agreements between representatives of executive bodies, associations of employers and trade unions.

We are worried about the differentiation of living standards in different Moldova population groups, fact that leads to social destabilization in the country. We intend to make efforts for the liquidation of the huge unfounded discrepancy between various levels of incomes and, first of all, differentiation between income taxes and personal property taxes levels.

21. Restoring the Population Bank Deposits

The state will assume the obligation to guarantee the restoring and preserving of the population bank deposits, on the basis of real existing financial resources. The restoring must not be effected on the basis of money issuing, as in this case, the mentioned initiative will mean bankruptcy. That is why, the corresponding debt of the state must be in the form of state bonds, and, in conformity with a special paying off schedule, the payment should be effected in a visible prospect term, by the introduction of state monopoly over tobacco, wines and vodka production. An accelerated mechanism of restoring the population bank deposits will be provided for the persons of so-called first and second pension ages, as well as for other categories, especially for the poor people.

The annual state budget must include important resources for the realization of bank deposits compensation programs.

There will be solved the problems of time terms, of conditions of calculation the compensations for those who enjoy this right, the procedure of guaranteed deposits transfers, issuing of special destination state securities, the possibilities of their use as means of payment in force major conditions, the paying off mechanism of internal state debts.

A common cause for the state and society should become the protection of depositors, who were affected by the dishonest or criminal actions of financial companies in banks.

For the restoring of population losses, a specialized state fund will be created, that would include part of incomes, originating from privatization, as well as from the arrested and confiscated patrimony, as a result of infringement of rights on the financial market.

The state will stimulate the municipal and private securities issuing, projects of investments and innovations in the cases when part of incomes, originating from their realization, will be used for covering the depositors needs.

The penalties for the juridical persons, operating with the population money resources, without legal licenses, will become more severe. These activities will be stopped and the owners and leaders of the companies, infringing the legislation of Moldova, will be responsible for criminal offence.

The rights of depositors public organizations in the control of financial companies entrepreneur activity will be enlarged.

A draft bill will be elaborated concerning the use, management and sale, for the depositors' needs, of the arrested and confiscated patrimony, as a result of rights infringement on the financial market.

In commercial banks we shall implement an insurance system of population deposits.

Pensions and Social Allowances

In our conception, efficient social protection supposes a radical improvement of the system of social allowances, given in the form of social insurance and social assistance.

The policy in the sphere of social payments and social allowances will be performed on the basis of creation of systems of two-three levels, on the basis of which, at the republican level, a special attention will be given to the improvement of legislation and mechanisms of state guarantees in the sphere of social payments to diverse categories of population.

We consider as necessary the improvement of pension legislation in force and creation of a reliable system of social insurance, that would take into account the citizens' labor contribution and the increased costs of living.

The three-level pension system will include:

  • basic pension, paid to all those who do not have enough years of service (and length of insurance ) and are not given a pension on the basis of the length of service;
  • length of service (insured) pension, in correspondence with the number of years of service, and with the amount of the quota, paid to the Pension Fund, by every concrete person;
  • non-state pension that, in case of its gradual development and enlargement, as a result of including more and more professions groups in it, gives the possibility to radically improve pension payments.

At the same time development of non-state pension systems must take place under the state control and be stimulated by fiscal facilities:

The priorities in the sphere of pension payments will be:

  • approaching of the minimal pension level to minimum living standards, their gradual leveling;
  • elaboration of an efficient mechanism of calculation and recalculation of pensions, permitting a more objective analysis of every citizen labor contribution;
  • permanent measures to increase pension payments, proportionally to the changes of consuming prices and average wages, through indexation and periodical compensations of payments;
  • gradual approach to the problem of guaranteeing pensions on the basis of a better realization of the principles of state insurance, implementing the mechanism of employee individual evidence, for a better stimulation of the active part of the population for the pension "obtaining";
  • contribution to creation of non-state pension funds with the purpose of paying supplementary pensions from the employers and employees resources.

22. Youth Policy

Our young generation grew up in the period of huge transformations. In their understanding, the country is like a house under major repairs. Their system of values was constituted in a time period, characterized by the eclectic of socialist atavisms, by the turmoil of reorganization, by an anarchic market, by weak law observance, by the lack of social protection and by the cult of violence and cruelty in cinema-halls and on TV. In a sick society, those who suffer most of all and first of all, are the unprotected groups - the children and youth.

We, the adult generation, with a rich life experience, understand very clearly that we are passing through a period of transition. The young people, who know only reorganizations and reforms, sometimes can think that the situation will last forever and try to instinctively adapt to nowadays conditions of life.

In the socialist state, like in a patriarchal family, youth problems were not considered to be serious enough to merit the attention of the state. Our opinion is that specialized services for the youth, psycho-pedagogical consulting centers, labor exchanges, centers for training and retraining of employees, aid services for young families, orphanages and hotels for teenagers, consulting centers for minors, sexual education centers, health centers for reproductive age people and anti- AIDS centers.

The youth state policy supposes a complex approach that would attract and involve Moldova young people in the social life of the society.

The young people are instinctively attracted by liberty. They supported reforms and, as a result, the young people began to be valued in conformity with their faculty of reasoning, consciousness and energy, not in dependence of their parents social position or welfare, as it, practically, was in socialism. At present, the leaders of republican and local level are younger; due to the new thinking of the young journalists, a new conception of life appeared and becomes more and more powerful in the society. In the new wave of entrepreneurs, young persons constitute the majority; we should tend to a younger deputy corps, as well. Continuing to build a rich and powerful country, we will enhance our support to the young people and increase their role in the promotion of reforms in all society spheres. The country needs a new young generation of politicians and leaders, artists and scientists, entrepreneurs and farmers, young and active citizens, who would support the ideals of the civil society and the state of law. The future is in the hearts of the youth and we promise to:

  • assure the elaboration and adoption of a law on the youth, to compensate the drawbacks of the social statute of the young people and to create certain mechanisms, permitting young men and women to enjoy their citizen rights, confirmed by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.
  • guarantee jobs to the young people and the use of young labor force of the youth.

The aid of the state shall be oriented to support the labor activity of the young people, the small and medium entrepreneur activity and other important social initiatives of the young people, leading to the creation of new jobs. A special attention shall be given to the participation in the elaboration of youth programs, their financing from the social resources of the state.

  • assure the access of the young people to higher education and specialized secondary education;
  • continue reforms in education. To ensure young girls and boys high quality of general education, in accordance with their capabilities and desire;
  • create a network of services to contribute to efficient career-guidance;
  • establish a system of preferential credits, of reimbursement loans and other economic stimuli, with the purpose of obtaining a living space, credits covering other important expenses;
  • participate in the social activity, expressing the interests of the youth and coinciding with the purposes of the state policy. That means the support of the non-governmental structures, that are trying to solve part of the youth problems;
  • support initiatives of the youth in all spheres of society life, including the political one - in which the possibilities for the young people are quite restricted at present;
  • develop a state system to support young talented people. Those who can achieve a sustained contribution to our science, engineering, culture and arts, politics and journalism, sports, must have at their disposal all necessary means to develop their capabilities.

23. Living Space Policy

The cornerstone of a strong family is the living space, that is why the creation of a system of living-spaces construction, accessible for the major part of Moldova population, is necessary. Though this is a very serious problem even for the wealthy categories of the society, the developing dwelling houses construction will give the possibility to solve this problem for the whole population. The living-space market was created. The main financing resources of living-spaces construction are extra-budget resources, together with various forms of state financial support.

Gradually, a new system of living-spaces and communal services payments appears.

The sale or transfer of plots of land for individual construction of dwelling houses was legalized.. The reanimation of dwelling houses construction will create the basis for the general development of economy. We consider as necessary the gradual change of the living-space sphere to a new basis, but without any losses, maintaining, at the same time, the policy of state subsidies in the sphere of living-spaces and communal services for the low remunerated categories of population.

We propose to create district and village funds aiming at development of living-spaces construction, its sources being distributed for the construction of social use (communal) flats, development of production basis for flats construction, supply of district dwelling house superstructure with objects of engineering and transport infrastructure, payment of compensations (subsidies) to the poor and other groups of population, so that these people, in their turn, were able to pay for the construction, procurement and maintenance of flats.

Main Initiatives of the Party

  1. Taking into account the international experience of state apparatus construction, the party formulates the initiative of abrogating the position of prime-minister and transmitting his responsibilities to the president of the country.
  2. In order to reduce the possibility of social tension in the country, the party will strive that the most important for the people problems, be solved in referendums. The representatives of the Republic of Moldova in the European Council, as well as the president of the Supreme Court of Justice and the General Prosecutor of the Republic should be elected.
  3. All the citizens of the republic will be obliged to take part in elections. For that, the voting paper must contain one more point' vote against all', this fact will prevent cases of counterfeiting votes. It is every citizen's duty to express his/her opinion, whatever it is.
  4. The party will elaborate sets of draft bills necessary to be adopted in every legislature and will be publicly submitted in the election campaigns.
  5. We shall contribute to the introduction of certain corrections in the mechanisms of collecting debts and taxes, as well as payments, to the budget and extra-budget fund, as well as in the repatriation mechanisms of the sums received from export, with the purpose of maintaining the production potential of the Republic of Moldova, the protection of patrimonial rights of owners of means of production.
  6. To contribute to the free of charge or reasonable prices persons, transfer of the plots of land in the propriety of joint-stock companies and other privatized companies.
  7. For the committing of a theft, indifferently of the amount of the stolen sum, the person who committed the fraud, must be conducted, in the presence of the people, on the main street of the city, with a plate "I am a thief", afterwards the given person should have to pay the corresponding penalty.
  8. To guarantee the inviolability of home, no entry to strangers in dwelling houses after 11 p.m.
  9. For severe and extremely severe infringements, for old people and children life threatening deeds, for sexual abuse of under age persons, life confinement should be applied.
  10. More rigid penalties should be applied for the violation of traffic rules. In cases of alcohol intoxicated drivers, the applied penalty should be in the amount of 5 thousand lei, the penalty applied for inadequate high car lights luminosity, must be up to 1 thousand. In case of colliding into a dog or a cat, the penalty should amount from 50 to 500 lei.

In conformity with the Constitution, our country keeps the principal of neutrality. The national Army, nowadays in very bad conditions, has to be dissolved. The troops of carabineers and frontier guards should function on a contract basis service. In this way, the 'anti-regulation' relationships in the army will disappear, and the parents will not be afraid for their sons. It is necessary to reduce, to rational proportions, the number of the carabineer troops.

By a special decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, there should be taken measures to protect the retired military men, who have served the country on a contract basis, guaranteeing them high pensions and out of turn dwelling places.

The liquidation of the National Army and the reduced number of carabineer troops will create favorable conditions for the evacuation of the 14-th army from the territory of the republic, and liquidation of the Transdnistria military units.

With the purpose of establishing peace and understanding, on the territory of Transdnistria there will function three official languages.

  1. In article 3 of the Constitution there will be introduced an additional paragraph with the following content: "The territory of the Republic of Moldova may not be estranged. Moldova shall never adhere to any military blocks".
  2. To prohibit the political organizations that have the purpose to subminate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.
  3. To effect the redistribution of power authority responsibilities in the favor of the local public administration organs, fact that would assure a sufficient financial basis for the solution of the entire complex of social and economic problems in republic areas. To force the enterprises to pay the taxes locally, in order that the money of districts and towns would not reach the banks of the capital of the country.
  4. To contribute to reciprocal advantageous relationships with the main parties on the international scene, promoting an external politics that would assure peace and mutual understanding in the society.
  5. The building of the Ministry of Defense Headquarters to be transmitted to a center of rehabilitation-recovery for veterans of war and armed conflicts.
  6. The roads in the country, underground communications, the Zoo will attain the European quality level.
  7. Entertainment Dissneylands will be open in all the big cities of the republic.
  8. The advocate, prosecutor, witness, accused person and the victim in the Court will be put to swear on the Bible.
  9. Children from poor families should be offered free school lunches and they must be absolved of both official and non-official payments.
  10. School curriculum must include religion as optional subject.
  11. To reduce a certain number of scientific institutions as being unavailing and to create new institutions, where the subjects will be taught only in English, French and German; it is rational to have in Chisinau a Chess International Center "Kirsan Ilimjinov" for children and youth, in Ciadir-Lunga town - the Gagauz University "Demirel", in PS building of Bender
  12. - the Slavonic University etc. In all higher education institutions will be organized groups with Russian teaching language, in parallel with Romanian teaching language groups.
  13. Church must not be "separated from the state" - it can't stay apart from the restoration of the sacred places that are in ruins now. Their repair is not the concern of only some sponsors and church ministers. Of course, the liberty of confession will be preserved.
  14. Double citizenship will be permitted with Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, USA. Our citizens must not be impeded in their intention to offer aid to their 'small' native country.
  15. It is rational to liquidate all the orphanages by creating conditions, in which even the poorest people would not give their children to the orphanage.
  16. There must be open new houses for lonely elderly people.
  17. At airports sick children (as well as sick elderly people) should be met at the plane and carried in wheel-chairs.
  18. To create a specialized bus system to transport children to and from schools.
  19. In case a whole complex of measures will be taken, the budget resources will be collected! In this case the state will be able to cope with its social protection obligations, development of science, education, culture.

There shall be solved the problems of large families:

  • guaranteed free medical assistance to children and pregnant women;
  • organizing of specialized health-educational institutions of sanatorium type, summer holidays rest of children;
  • guaranteed monthly social payments will be paid.

92% of the citizens consider that the criminal situation and corruption are very severe, and efficient measures should be taken to improve the situation, but, unfortunately, they are delayed for so many years. How long the people can tolerate it yet? The society is uneasy about this state of things and insists that measures should be taken to ensure social and juridical protection, but the people opinion is ignored. Long ago, Lincoln used to say that you can't ignore the public opinion as the success is guaranteed to you in everything, that takes into account the public opinion".

Ensuring the Independence and Territorial Integrity of the Republic of Moldova. Transdnistria Problem. Foreign Policy.

The Republic of Moldova is a sovereign, Unitarian and indivisible state, that, as a member of the United Nations Organization, has pledged to observe the Statute and arguments of the organization. On this basis, the party will promote the following internal and foreign policy:

  1. On the basis of an acceptable compromise and dialogue, the party will accelerate the elaboration and adopting of the concrete statute of Transdnistria, with a clear legal orientation to the ensuring of integrity and economic integration of the regions of independent Moldova.
  2. Observance of the common Constitution of the state of Moldova. The Transdnistria constitution will be elaborated on the basis, theses and principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.
  3. Common indivisible border lines of the state territory.
  4. Common national currency and common economic legislation.

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