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Democratic Party of Moldova

Governing bodies of the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM)

The Congress:

  • Adopts and amends DPM program and statute; Adopts the party strategy and tactics;
  • Elects the party Chairman for a 4 year term;
  • Elects the party National Council for a 4 year term;
  • Elects the party National Censor Commission for a 4 year term;
  • Adopts decisions on party reorganization or merger with other political parties, or termination of the party activity;
  • Examines the appeals submitted to the Congress by party members or subdivisions.

National Council:

  • Elaborates and coordinates the implementation of the party strategy;
  • Elects or ousts Vice-chairs, secretaries, members of the Central Executive Bureau, establishes their responsibilities;
  • Nominates DPM candidate in presidential elections;
  • Approves DPM list of candidates in parliamentary elections;
  • Approves the strategy of the political party in electoral campaigns;
  • Approves the decisions on changing DPM electoral logo and symbol;
  • Approves the organizational structure of the party apparatus;
  • Approves the internal party regulation;
  • Upon violation of the party program or statute, approves decisions on reorganization of the county, district, or branches' councils; establishes the procedure of convening extraordinary meetings/ conferences in the respective units;
  • Co-opts new members or excludes members of the National Council who fail to fulfil their duties;
  • Analyzes and coordinates the activity of its parliament faction, as well as of its representatives in the local public administration;
  • During electoral campaigns, adopts decisions on establishing together with other political parties or socio-political organization electoral alliances and blocs;
  • Approves the quota of DPM membership fees, DPM annual budget and its execution;
  • Submits to the Congress proposals on DPM reorganization or dissolution.

Central Executive Bureau of the National Council:

  • Coordinates the activity of the party within National Council sessions;
  • Adopts decisions on the implementation of the decisions of the Congress and National Council;
  • Oversees the way party structures enforce the decisions of the party governing bodies;
  • Evaluates the activity of the parliament faction and of the party representatives in the local public administration bodies;
  • Founds leagues, associations, specialized commissions and working groups in the fields related to the party's strategic objectives;
  • Confirms the list of candidates for the local elections proposed by the county councils;
  • Develops and approves the Regulation on the organization and structure of the party subdivisions, other regulations;
  • Confirms apparatus' staff;
  • Organizes editorial as well as other activities;
  • Administers party's assets, decides on the way financial resources are spent;
  • Elaborates and implements staff and party activists' training program;
  • Approves the statutes of the legal entities it may found in compliance with the law;
  • Coordinates the activity of the party youth branch.

Censors National Commission:

Censors National Commission is the central revision and control body of the party.

Democratic Party of Moldova:

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