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Party of Communists of Moldova

Participation in elections

General local elections April 16, 1995

The Party of Communists won:

  • 206 mandates (16.32%) in the municipal and rayon councils;
  • 848 mandates (8%) in the city and village councils;
  • 43 mandates of mayors (5.4%) in cities and villages.

Presidential elections 1996

- First round (November 17)
Vladimir Voronin, designated by the Party of Communists to run for the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova, was cast 159,393 votes (10.23%) and thus failed to qualify for the second round.

Parliamentary elections March 22, 1998

PCRM accumulated 487 002 votes (30,01%), thus they received 40 mandates in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

General local elections May 23, 1999

PCRM participated in the general local elections on May 23, 1999 within electoral bloc "The bloc of Communists', Agrarians' and Socialists" which received:

  • 118 mandates (37,82%) in the county councils and Chisinau Municipal Council;
  • 2235 mandates (36,61%) in municipal, city and village councils;
  • 124 mandates (19,71%) of mayors in municipalities, cities and villages.

Presidential elections 2000

December 1
Vladimir Voronin, Party of Communists candidate for the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova was cast 48 out of the 100 deputies. Pavel Barbalat, the Chair of the Constitutional Court, gathered 37 votes. Fifteen ballots were declared invalid.

December 4
Vladimir Voronin was cast 50 votes. Pavel Barbalat was cast 35 votes. Thirteen ballots were declared invalid.

December 21
December 21 elections were declared null, due to the low turnout of the deputies, even 61 out of the 101 deputies didn't cast their ballots.

Parliamentary elections February 25, 2001

In the February 25 early parliamentary elections the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova scored a major victory, being cast 50,07% of the valid votes. The party thus received 71 out of the 101 mandates in Parliament.

Presidential elections April 4, 2001

On April 4, 2001 the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova elected Vladimir Voronin, the Chair of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, as the President of the country. 89 out of the 100 deputies cast their ballots in favor of Vladimir Voronin. Eleven deputies of the Christian-Democratic Peoples' Party boycotted the elections on the grounds that they support none of the three candidates (Dumitru Braghis, Valerian Cristea and Vladimir Voronin).

General local elections May 25-June 8, 2003

PCRM received:

  • 615 mandates (54,62%) in the rayonal and municipal councils;
  • 5416 mandates (49,96%) in city and village councils;
  • 368 mayor mandates (40,98%).

Note: The candidate of PCRM in the function of the general mayor of Chisinau city, Vasile Zgardan, was cast in the second round 46.1% of the votes, losing thus in favor of Serafim Urechean.

Parliamentary elections March 6, 2005

As a result of 2005 parliamentary elections, PCRM was cast 716 336 votes (45.98%), receiving thus 56 parliamentary seats.

Presidential elections April 4, 2005

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova re-elected Vladimir Voronin, Chairperson of PCRM, as the President of Moldova. 75 deputies out of those 78 participating at the voting procedure, voted in favour of Vladimir Voronin. For Gheorghe Duca, president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, voted 1 deputy, 2 ballots being declared invalid. Vladimir Voronin was re-elected as the President of Moldova by PCRM deputies, with the support of PPCD, PDM and PSL deputies. AMN parliamentary faction boycotted voting procedure.

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