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Professionals' Movement "Speranta-Nadejda"


Professional's movement "Speranta-Nadejda" (hereinafter MOVEMENT) is a movement of the masses including citizens of the Republic of Moldova who value professionalism and competence, who have an active civic position and a deep concern for the fate of the country and its citizens, who care about social equality and civic consent in country, who strive to revive values like consciousness, responsibility, integrity as well as decent living standards, implying:

  • Right to work and adequate remuneration;
  • Rule of law and order;
  • Security of the person and his/her property;
  • Financial aid to elderly and young;
  • Funding science, education and Medicare;
  • Healthcare, sick leaves, protecting mother and child.

The MOVEMENT includes citizens regardless of their nationality, businessmen i.e. professionals in their own field, workers, entrepreneurs, youth, intelligentsia, rural and urban residents who wish their HOPES for a decent living to come true.

The MOVEMENT plays the role of advocator of the interests of the citizens who value professionalism and competence in all the fields of activity, so as to achieve the welfare of each citizen of the Republic of Moldova.

Being a progressive party, the MOVEMENT aims to consolidate democracy, establish a legal framework regulating economic and social life, providing sufficient guarantees and normal conditions for entrepreneurial activity aimed towards raising the living standards of the Moldovan citizens.

To achieve the goals set the MOVEMENT is guided in its activity by the Constitutional rights of its members, i.e. the right to strike and protest rallies, and the right to collect signatures for Appeals, Declarations and Letters.

While employing parliamentary propaganda and agitation, as well as while designating its members in the legislative body and in the local public administration, the MOVEMENT shall be guided by the following principles:

  1. Ensuring via political methods the country's territorial unity and integrity, and society's non-scission based on ethnic criteria.
  2. Fighting chauvinism, nationalism and other "isms", anarchism of "great ideas" and "great leaders", attempts to indoctrinate the country; exposing the destructive character of extreme left and right as well as of other forces destabilizing the situation in the country. Exposing clan interests of the politicians and petty politics.
  3. Defending and promoting spiritual values and their roots, as well as religion.
  4. Enforcing authorities' accountability to the citizens in compliance with the principle "State governors for the society rather than society for politicians and governing".

In economy and social sphere the MOVEMENT will strive for:

  1. Professional administration, competence in the field of market economy meeting the interests of domestic producers.
  2. Immediate re-examination of the fiscal mechanisms and regulation in view of boosting production and services.
  3. Protection of entrepreneurs, domestic producers and service providers. Our markets are not transits.
  4. Establishing conditions for setting the prices on domestic products in line with market economy principles, excluding other than economic constraints and protectionism.
  5. Consolidating local government autonomy.
  6. Developing national social security programs for concrete groups of population.
  7. Full-rights partnership in the foreign relations. Protecting our citizens residing abroad, their freedom, honor and dignity.
  8. Developing mechanisms to fight international financial Mafia structures. Fighting attempts to interfere in internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova. We are the masters of our house!
  9. Developing an efficient and transparent public analysis and control mechanism over the budget spending, including expenditures on the state apparatus, diplomatic Corp, Force Ministries. Everyone - from the President to the mayor, should regularly report on how the public money is spent.
  10. Demanding the governing to devise an efficient mechanism of communication and sharing ideas with the civil society, of finding solutions agreeable to both parties and taking into account expert's advice.
  11. Turning Republic of Moldova into a state of shareholders and private owners of land, as a binding condition for achieving stability in the country. Perfecting the legal framework regulating securities market.
  12. Amending the Civil Code, Penal Code, Code of Civil Procedure in order to better defend citizens' rights, including those on property.
  13. Canceling resolutions, ordinances and other normative acts running counter to the rule of law, especially in banking, investments, and production.
  14. Cooperating with those who share goals and objectives similar to those shared by the MOVEMENT.

All the MOVEMENT members have a clear stance: in order to defend their constitutional rights, professionals should join their efforts.

  • The key to a dynamic development of the country is professional and competent human resources.
  • The key to the social policy of the state is an increasing production.
  • Workers and owners is the core of the statehood.
  • Welfare of each human being is the core element of his/her freedom. Citizens' confidence that he would be protected is the core of transparence.

Professionals' Movement "Speranta-Nadejda":

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