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Local Elections 2003

Electoral contestants for Chisinau mayoralty

Vasile Zgardan Vasile Zgardan
Candidate of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova (CPM)

Electoral slogans:
Let Us Rise Our City!
Vote the Four-year Plan of Vasile Zgardan!
25 May 2003 Vote Your Power!
Vote Your Interests!


Vasile Zgardan was born on 2 July 1948, in village Redi-Ceresnovat, district Soroca. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Chisinau in 1982, where he was trained as mechanics engineer. He worked as such at the Department for Road Constructions (1969-1970). Later he worked at the District Committee of Comsomol in Floresti (1971-1976). He was Head of the Housing-Communal Division no. 18 in Chisinau (1976-1983); Head of the Bureau for Technical Inventory in Chisinau (1983-1987); General Director of the Combined Factory "Protex" in Chisinau (1987-1998); Deputy Minister of Transports and Communications (1998-2002), and, since December 2002, he has served as Minister of Transports and Communications.

/Source: Jurnal de Chisinau (Journal of Chisinau), year III, no. 172, 4 April 2003/

Electoral programme

First year: Putting order in the tariffs on communal services. Cancelling historical debts on communal services in the case of pensioners and families with many children whose income is below the poverty line. Supplying non-stop heat during the cold seasons and hot water throughout the year. Repairing roads and streets, repairing and enlarging the central railway station, starting the construction works on a new bus station, starting the preparations for the start of construction works on new houses for families short of income in the municipality. Stopping the practices of wasting money in schools and sanitary institutions, creating a transparent system of financial assistance and sponsorship. Setting up a new town system of medical insurance, accessible to all. Rebuilding the park and the area adjacent to the lake Valea Morilor (The Valley of Mills), re-building the Green Theatre.

Second year: Starting the municipal constructions of houses. Changing the location of the bus station to a more accessible one for the town inhabitants. Repairing the roads in the districts Ciocana and Riscani. Starting the construction of a new, modern republican stadium. Organising the normal and quality activity of pre-school institutions, re-building playing grounds for children and the ones for sports activities. Re-building the park and the holiday area in Riscani district. Starting the programme of building modern market places in the capital. Renovating and ensuring the illumination of Chisinau at night time. Building gas pipes in the villages in the Chisinau Municipality.

Third year: Large scale municipal constructions. Introduction of economical and autonomous heating systems. Renovation of roads in Buiucani sector. Continuing the construction of the republican stadium. Reconstruction and restoration of museums, libraries, and other objects included in the national thesaurus. Reconstruction of the municipal sanitary institutions - hospitals and polyclinics. Continuing the programme of building modern market places. Renovating the park and the holiday area in the Valley of Roses.

Fourth year: Concluding the construction of the republican stadium. Full recovery of the municipal constructions industry. Recovery of roads and streets in Botanica district. Reconstruction of municipal schools. Concluding the modernisation of market places in the capital. Building in Chisinau holiday and tourism areas.

Local Elections 2003




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