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Local Elections 2003

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Resolution on the Execution by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Information and Security Service of the Electoral Code with regard to the General Local Elections of 25 May 2003
23 April 2003

The holding of elections involves a number of obligations that the bodies of internal affairs and national security have to take on in order to ensure public order during the meetings of electoral contestants with the voters, the security of the materials assets of the Central Electoral Commission, district electoral councils and precinct electoral bureaus throughout the electoral period.

For purposes of public order and security during the electoral period, and in accordance with Articles 22 and 26 of the Electoral Code, the Central Electoral Commission decides:

  1. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Information and Security Service should ensure the personal security of all electoral contestants equally.
  2. The Ministry of Internal Affairs should ensure:
    1. public order in places where the electoral contestants meet their voters;
    2. together with the electoral bodies and the local public administration, the security of material assets at electoral council and bureaus, as well as the integrity of voting ballots and other election related documents.
  3. The Information and Security Service should prevent unauthorized access to the technical means of electoral documents and the information equipment.
  4. The electoral contestants and electoral bodies, with a view to the above provisions, are recommended to co-operate with the Central Electoral Commission and the working groups of the mentioned above institutions.
  5. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Information and Security Service shall report periodically to the Central Electoral Commission on the maters mentioned in this resolution.

Local Elections 2003




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