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Local Elections 2003

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Party of Socialists of Moldova

Symbol   Co-chairs:
Veronica Abramciuc, Eduard Smirnov

Electoral slogan:
Moldova. Labour. Equality of rights!

Electoral platform

The Party of Socialists of Moldova (PSM) believes that local autonomy, as provided for in the current laws on local public administration, is practically lacking in Moldova. In reality, there exists a centralised administration functioning on a centralised budget. The socio-economic development of the country is being achieved unevenly: the financial capitals and other resources of economic agents are concentrated in Chisinau, most of former district centres may be qualified as towns only in relative terms and the villages continue to decay.

Given the current state of affairs, our party pleads for:

  • The new local power to undertake a complete inventory of the local assets together with the relevant bodies in order to discourage their further devastation;
  • The new mayors and local councils will keep strict control over the tax returns from physical and legal persons, systematically nominate the indebted ones and inform the population about the sanctions applied thereupon, pursuant to current laws;
  • Solve the problem of consolidating the agricultural fields intended for production for a more effective use;
  • Help and support the small-sized businesses, including those in the sphere of social services;
  • Provide the people, to the extent possible, with jobs;
  • Intensify the activity of the police and reorient it towards the prevention of offences;
  • Control strictly the quality of sold products on markets and fight consumer cheating;
  • Co-operate with the International Fund of Social Investments to fulfil the most important projects of village and town planning;
  • Ensure the employees of boarding kindergartens, set up groups for extra-curricular activities for the children from vulnerable families and children who temporarily do not have parents;
  • Passing gradually to the health assistance system that guarantees minimal medical assistance for all;
  • Concern for the elderly, veterans and personal record keeping of invalids, war veterans and lonely elderly;
  • Resuming the activity of Houses of Culture, sports teams, hobby clubs.

Our party promotes candidates to bodies of local power according to the following four criteria:

  1. Candidates should be competent and have practical experience in the socio-economic sphere;
  2. Candidates should be realistic in assessing the socio-economic situation of the respective localities and see the concrete possibilities for a positive intervention;
  3. Candidates should share the principle of social equity, defend and express the interests of the majority of the residents of the given territorial administrative unit and not just of a limited number of people;
  4. Candidates should be proponents of the idea of accountability towards the citizens from their localities and try to involve them in their activity by setting up voluntary committees of respected people to work with the mayoralty.

Local Elections 2003




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