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Local Elections 2003

Electoral contestants

People's Christian Democratic Party

Symbol   Chairman:
Iurie Rosca

Electoral slogans:
On 25 May vote People's Christian Democratic Party!
Against poverty and lawlessness!
Vote correctly, vote the Heart!

Candidate for the position of General Mayor of Chisinau Municipality:
Vlad Cubreacov

Electoral programme

We are now in the electoral campaign for the election of new mayors and local councillors. The activity of these future elected officers is very special, for they will have to work under a hostile and unfavourable legislative framework hampering the free exercise of the right to local self-administration. It is they who will have to alleviate the intentions of the current government to build a dictatorial system of control over the activity of the local public administration.

Ever since the communists took over the government, they have looked for various ways to restrain the mandate of local elected officers, including through their decision to hold early local elections, and have launched a deadly campaign of denigration against the county system of local administration introduced as a result of the 1998 reforms. In full disregard of the interests and wishes of local communities, the modern trends in public administration and the obligations that Moldova took on when it ratified the European Charter on Local Autonomy, new laws have been drafted and adopted abolishing the regional administrative system. The current Government has usurped local autonomy by passing the most important powers to its deconcentrated services. The mayoralties have been left without any means to support the development of local economies. The financial basis of mayoralties has been considerably weakened, and is fully dependent on the central budget. The central public authorities refuse to engage into a constructive dialogue with the local administrations on how to solve problems at the local level. To date, the legislative framework for regional development has not been developed, and the lack of co-ordination of activities among ministries and decentralised services has become regularity with the current government. The government shows total indifference towards the activity of local communities within Euro-regions. For communists, it is already a tradition to deny rational analyses, founded on economic arguments, in cost-benefit terms, comparative advantages, the development trends and patterns. To achieve the objective of communist restoration, the current government will spend as much as 700 million Moldovan Lei to revert to the old system of district administration.

The communist dictatorial actions in the field of local self-administration may be stopped through an active participation in the current electoral campaign and the election to the positions of mayors and local councillors of honest, competent and decisive people who are able to accomplish the genuine mission of the local administration. The main objectives of our candidates in local elections are:

  1. To stop the communist plans to Sovietise the local public administration;
  2. To restore the trust of citizens in the authority of the local public administration;
  3. To apply in the practice of local public administration the principles of the European Charter of Local Autonomy - decentralisation, local autonomy, subsidiarity, eligibility and consulting the population on issues of common interest;
  4. To support the efforts of building a modern local public administration in Moldova.

To achieve these objectives, our candidates elected to mayors and councillors will focus their activity in the local public administration on the following:

Enhancing the efficiency of local administration

  • Involving in the activity of mayoralties of competent, honest and responsible officers, able to work efficiently and operatively to meet the demands and needs of citizens;
  • Full transparency of the activity of the local public administration, of the administration of public funds and the patrimony of the community;
  • Holding a permanent dialogue with the civil society and the citizens;
  • Involving the civil society in the resolution of problems of socio-economic development of communities.

Fighting poverty, creating new jobs and ensuring social protection

  • Permanent care for schools, kindergartens, hospitals;
  • Organisation of public works with a view to create provisional jobs for the unemployed;
  • Ensure the minimum living needs for the elderly, invalids, families with many children and integrate them into the local community;
  • Support the economic agents for the creation of new jobs, including graduate jobs;
  • Encourage re-training of those who lost their jobs due to job cuts so that they can open their own businesses;
  • Develop the network of social canteens;
  • Support the young families from the local budgets and the extra-budgetary funds to help them build houses on mortgage.

Support the business activity and the development of the local economy

  • Support the development and implementation of sustainable development strategies for localities;
  • Expand the fiscal basis and create a stimulating system of local taxes;
  • Free the small- and medium-size businesses of the terror of criminal groups;
  • Support and develop small- and medium sized businesses;
  • Develop the network of micro-finance associations;
  • Set up agencies for attracting investments and providing information to investors on the business environment in Moldova;
  • Develop the housing market and allocate fields for the socio-economic development;
  • Set up centres delivering training, marketing advise and consulting, technical and agricultural services;
  • Support the expansion of the network of agricultural shops, set up agricultural markets;
  • Encourage the development of rural non-agricultural economy by creating associations of small businesses and business incubators;
  • Develop rural, environmental and wine tourism;
  • Set up agricultural goods stock exchanges.

Renovation of the service infrastructure

  • Reparation of roads and development of the transports infrastructure;
  • Develop and implement plans of territorial management in localities;
  • Promote measures of reducing the consumption of power resources;
  • Attract funds to build and rehabilitate the infrastructure of water, waste and gas sewers;
  • Implement projects of conservation and utilisation of alternative power sources (sun and wind);
  • Recover and develop irrigation networks.

Develop regional and trans-border co-operation

  • Continue to co-operate with the localities from the former counties;
  • Develop the trans-border co-operation within the three Euro-regions to implement projects of local and regional scale;
  • Develop partnership and twining with localities from abroad.

Protection of the environment

  • Implement programmes on ensuring and improving the quality of drinking water;
  • Create conditions for the evacuation of waste and tidiness of localities. Building waste dumps in accordance with sanitary norms;
  • Urgent evacuation of toxic and organic waste;
  • Hold activities of consolidation of areas affected by land slides;
  • Involve the population in the green activities in localities.

So God help us!

Local Elections 2003




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