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2001 Presidential Elections

On April 4, 2001, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova elected Vladimir Voronin, the leader of the Communist Party of Moldova (CPM), President of the Republic. Of 100 deputies who attended the special parliamentary session only 89 participated in the voting. The 11 Christian Democratic People's Party (CDPP) deputies refused to participate in the voting to express their lack of support for any of the three candidates for presidency and to avoid political speculations.

Inaugural Speech of His Excellency Mr. Vladimir Voronin, President of the Republic of Moldova


Vladimir Voronin

Dumitru Braghis

Valerian Cristea

Biography of Vladimir Voronin

Vladimir Voronin Born on May 25, 1941, in Corjova village, Chisinau county.

Education: the Technical Cooperatist Secondary School in Chisinau, the Institute of Food Industry of Moldova, the Academy of Social Science under the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, The Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR.

Profession: engineer-economist, political scientist, lawyer.

Professional activity: director of a baking factory, activity in raion (former Moldovan second level administrative units) party bodies, chairperson of the Ungheni Raion Executive Committee, positions of authority in the CC of the Communist Party of Moldova, Council of Ministers of the MSSR, first secretary of the Bender town Party Committee, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, military degree - general-major.

Parliamentary activity: deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR in 1980-1990. March 1998 - deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, member of the Permanent Bureau.

Political activity: First secretary of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova (CPRM), chairperson of the CPRM parliamentary faction.

Biography of Dumitru Braghis

Dumitru Braghis Born on December 28 1957 in village Gratiesti of Chisinau County. Graduated from the Polytechnic institute in Chisinau, specialty power engineering. Started his professional path at the Tractor Plant in Chisinau as constructions engineer. From 981 to 1992 held various eligible positions within the Union of Communist Youth of USSR. Between 1989 and 1991 served as USSR People's Deputy. Between 1992 and 1995 held the position of Deputy Director of the Moldova Exim Association. In February 1997 was appointed as Deputy Minister of Economy and Reforms and General Director of the Department for Foreign Economic relations. In July 1998 takes the office of First Deputy Minister of Economy and Reforms. On December 21, 1999 Dumitru Braghis was appointed Prime Minister of Moldova. In the parliamentary elections of February 2001 the Electoral Bloc Braghis Alliance led by Dumitru Braghis won 13.42% of votes and received 19 deputy mandates in the new Parliament.

Biography of Valerian Cristea

Valerian Cristea Born on August 1, 1950 in village Viprova of Orhei County. Graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Chisinau, specialty power engineering. Work experience includes head of constructions, party activity, trades unions, chairmanship of the Republican Committee of Trades Unions "Sindenergo", deputy chairmanship of the General Federation of Trades Unions of Moldova.

In March 1998 Valerian Cristea was elected deputy in the Parliament of Moldova on the party list of the Communist Party of Moldova and acted as Chairman of the Permanent Commission for Social Protection, Health and Family. In February 2001 he was elected for a second mandate of deputy in the Parliament of Moldova.

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