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1999 Local Elections

Date: 23 mai 1999EDCELCEM
Number of registered voters2,265,8521,920,3581,920,358
Number of participating registered voters1,324,4691,203,8951,204,160
Percent of participating registered voters58.4562.6962.70
Number of valid votes cast1,218,0041,105,2311,132,570

EDC - Election of the District Council

ELC - Election of the Local Council

EM - Election of the Mayor

Results of the Elections to District Councils and Chisinau Council

Electoral ContestantsAbbreviationsNumber
of votes
Number of
Communists, Agrarians and Socialists BlocCASB405,06333.2611837.82
Centrist Alliance of MoldovaCAM223,57018.366420.51
Democratic Convention of MoldovaDCM149,07812.244213.46
Christian Democratic Popular FrontCDPF93,9797.72247.69
Party of Democratic ForcesPDF85,9117.05247.69
"Furnica-Speranta" (Ant-Hope) Social-Democratic UnionFSSDU69,1505.68165.13
National Liberal PartyNLP45,7473.76113.53
National Peasants Party of MoldovaNPPM19,2701.5841.28
Socialist Party of MoldovaSPM18,3781.5120.64
Democratic-Popular Party of MoldovaDPPM9,2850.76  
"Ravnopravie" (Equity) Republican Socio-Political MovementRRSPM9,0920.7510.32
National Youth LeagueNYL2,9270.24  
New National Moldovan PartyNNMP1,8730.15  
Party of Economic and Social JusticePESJ1,5440.13  
Independent CandidatesIC83,1376.8361.92

Results of the Elections to Local Council

Electoral ContestantsAbbreviationsNumber
of votes
Number of
Communists, Agrarians and Socialists BlocCASB355,56232.172,23536.61
Centrist Alliance of MoldovaCAM204,75618.531,21419.89
Democratic Convention of MoldovaDCM141,30012.7885914.07
Party of Democratic ForcesPDF90,4878.195058.27
Christian Democratic Popular FrontCDPF68,6046.213415.59
"Furnica-Speranta" (Ant-Hope) Social-Democratic UnionFSSDU54,5364.932494.08
National Liberal PartyNLP44,2274.002273.72
National Peasants Party of MoldovaNPPM19,0691.731021.67
Socialist Party of MoldovaSPM17,5861.59400.66
Democratic-Popular Party of MoldovaDPPM5,4290.49250.41
"Ravnopravie" (Equity) Republican Socio-Political MovementRRSPM1,8800.1740.07
Party of Economic and Social JusticePESJ1,0990.1080.13
New National Moldovan PartyNNMP7430.0740.07
National Youth LeagueNYL3470.03  
Independent CandidatesIC99,6669.012924.78

Results of the Elections for Mayors

Electoral ContestantsAbbreviationsNumber
of votes
Number of
Communists, Agrarians and Socialists BlocCASB251,64722.7812419.71
Centrist Alliance of MoldovaCAM168,89615.299314.78
Democratic Convention of MoldovaDCM131,32211.898713.83
Party of Democratic ForcesPDF85,3907.73518.11
Christian Democratic Popular FrontCDPF53,1484.81243.82
"Furnica-Speranta" (Ant-Hope) Social-Democratic UnionFSSDU42,3773.84182.86
National Liberal PartyNLP38,2203.46213.34
Socialist Party of MoldovaSPM21,8351.9850.79
National Peasants Party of MoldovaNPPM17,5351.55132.07
Democratic-Popular Party of MoldovaDPPM5,2890.48  
"Ravnopravie" (Equity) Republican Socio-Political MovementRRSPM9520.09  
Party of Economic and Social JusticePESJ6980.0610.16
New National Moldovan PartyNNMP3610.03  
National Youth LeagueNYL720.01  
Independent CandidatesIC314,82828.5019130.37

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